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    VRS TacPack Now Available as Standalone


    The VRS TacPack(v.1.4+) no longer requires the F/A-18E Superbug as a prerequisite for purchase. TacPack (end-user) and TacPack SDK (developer) is the de facto standard amoung combat aircraft developers who wish to leverage true military systems, including multi-player-compatible weapon systems, radar warning receiver, terrain-sampling A/G radar, FLIR video and HMD support in their FSX commercial and freeware projects. End-users enjoy features such as true air-air and air-ground combat in TacPack-Powered  aircraft, as well as the ability to deploy combat-capable assets directly into the simulation. Consumer versions of the TacPack are available for FSX, and commercial-use versions are available for licensing under Prepar3D 1.4 and 2.0/1.

    The current list of active (disclosed) TacPack developers include:

    Vertical Reality Simulations  ( F/A-18E SuperbugX) - released
    Aerosoft  (F-14 TomcatX) - active development
    Bear Studios  (SU-30) - active development
    Dino Cattaneo (F-14 Tomcat, F-35 Lightning II, T-45C Goshawk) - released
    Iris Simulations  (A-10 Warthog Driver II) - just released!
    Metal2Mesh (F-15 Eagle, Mirage 2000C) - active development
    Milviz (F4 Phantom) - active development

    To learn more about the TacPack and TacPack-Powered aircraft, please visit VRS .

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