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    X-Plane Developer Releases WED1.2 BETA

    Tom Allensworth


    Ben Supnik, of X-Plane Developers, has announced the release of WEB V1.2 BETA 1. WED 1.2, the WorldEditor, was previewed at the X-Plane conference a few weeks ago in Columbia, South Carolina. X-Plane developers describes some highlights:


    • Finally, a real airport import dialog box – when you import a dialog box, WED will let you pick a subset of airports to grab.  So now you can open the entire apt.dat file from Robin and just pick the airport you want.
    • There is now a library preview pane for objects, autogen scenes (.AGP files) and draped polygons.
    • WED 1.2 supports all of the new v10 overlay editing extensions, e.g. forests as tree lines, facade wall-type control, etc.

    You can read more about the WED and download it from the X-Plane Developer's site here.


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