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    A new flight sim, updated and ready to soar!


    The flight sim community pretty much divides itself between MSFS and X-Plane, but as some know, there are many other flight sim platforms out there. Of course, some are better than others! One new entrant to the flight sim platform marketplace is AeroflyFS. Although the makers Ikarus have mainly in the past focused on radio control flying sims, AeroflyFS is a full scale flight sim, with extremely realistic flight handling dynamics and some visuals to die for. It does have it's limitations, compared to sims like FSX and X-Plane 10, mainly that it covers only the country of Switzerland.


    The included aircraft (which consist of GA like the C172 and DR400, along with a fast jet and some gliders) also do not contain a lot in the way of technical controls; the engine for example, is always running. But you do have control of important control aspect such as flaps, prop controls, and of course trim. AeroFlyFS may not contain a wide area of scenery but what is there is rendered in equisite detail, with options such as HDR. Frame Rate performance as compared to FSX is very light. Weather and wind control is limited but what is there is done very well.


    If you enjoy VFR flying over a real area, with superb visuals, and in aircraft with very convincing flight handling characters, AeroflyFS could be for you. On the AVSIM forums to date there has been quite a lot of interest in AerosflyFS, but the majority of simmers seem to be holding back, awaiting reviews of the product, or possibly awaiting the addition of more features, such as avionics, which are missing from AeroflyFS, aside from a basic moving map. AVSIM member Btacon said "At first glance, it seems like a good platform, but it is clear that there remains much to do if it is to meet expectations vis a' vis MSFS / X-Plane". Whilst Jtmedina said "In my opinion it has an excellent flight model and the quality of the scenery is simply incredible".


    AeroflyFS has recently been updated to version and this update is not contained in the boxed version, so if you pick this sim up, head over to http://www.aeroflyfs...roflyfs-en.html and install the update.


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