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    Boeing 737-500 Cockpit Movie


    Skyaviator published the FREE to watch version of the Estonian Air Boeing 737-500 cockpit movie. It’s a nearly 2 hour video and thoroughly shows the procedures of the 737-500.

    This video includes two flights in Estonian Air Boeing 737-500 flight deck which are Tallinn (Ülemiste) – Oslo (Gardermoen) and Oslo – Tallinn. The friendly crew in the cockpit are captain Maido Veebel and first officer Andres Berens.


    The journey begins with preflight preparations. Flight OV135 suffers a delay of about 15 minutes in Tallinn because of the high amount of people in the terminal which caused a lot of stops for the passengers. When pushing back from the gate 2, all the procedures regarding the aircraft’s departure can be seen including the panel configuration, ground crew discussion with captain and then take-off briefing given by the first officer during taxi. While in cruise, the pilots take out the charts for Oslo, listen to the ATIS, fill in the weather information on the landing card and program the FMC (Flight Management Computer) for the arrival route. In Gardermoen the aircraft is re-fueled and prepared for the leg back to Tallinn.


    You can see the programming of the FMC unit from the very beginning and a peek to the cabin while the airport staff cleans it. As the stop time at Oslo is only 45 minutes, everything has to be done quite quickly both by the pilots and the cabin crew. All the checklist procedures can be seen throughout the video from Preflight Preparation to Shut Down and ATC can be also heard in the background all the time. After watching the video you will probably have a quite good overview of all the normal procedures, cockpit layout and how everything is done in a 120-seat airliner.


    Visit the skyaviator.com Homepage to watch the Video.

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