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    Cockpit-Fest USA August 30th-31st


    For the first time, in addition to flying simulators this year's Cockpit-Fest USA attendees will have the chance to ride in several classic aircraft.

    August 30th-31st the Dallas/Ft. Worth Commemerative Air Force has four classic aircraft that can be rented for rides. You can even take all of you friends for a group ride in the huge Douglas R4D-6HS!

    “Ready for Duty”
    0.00 per seat
    WWII Submarine Hunter version of the famed DC-3
    Minimum of seven passengers per flight.
    You can rent the whole plane for 0.00

    VULTEE BT-15 “Valiant”
    “Little Noodle”
    0.00 per seatTwo seat WWII trainer where you will fly in the rear seat.
    You can have the canopy open if you want!

    STINSON L-5 “Sentinel” 
    “Miss Ziggy”
    0.00 per seat
    Two seat WWII observation craft. You can have the
    windows open and see the countryside up close.

    PT-17 “Stearman”
    5.00 per seat
    Two seat WWII open cockpit trainer airplane.
    Come experience the thrill of an open cockpit. Let it take you back in time

    Advanced reservations are required for the flights. Reservation information is at the Cockpit-Fest USA Website .

    Note: The CAF Warbirds on parade is Aug 30th only.



    Cockpit-Fest USA 2014 is a premier gathering of cockpits, simulators, & enthusiasts, held August 29th-31st at the Cold War Air Museum, Lancaster, Texas.

    Collectors place their projects on display. Cockpit enthusiasts get to check out the exhibits and get to network with people from around the world. Cockpit-Fest is conjunction with the Dallas-Fort Worth Wing Commemorative Air Force WARBIRDS ON PARADE and car show. Reserve your tickets now at the Cockpit-Fest website!

    Exhibitor prizes include flights in an a Cold War Air Museum Nanchang CJ-6A

    Cockpit-Fest Attendee - .00 (not bringing an exhibit)

    Cockpit Exhibitor Registration - .00 (Exhibitor)

    The August 29th Social and Steak Dinner - .00

    Visit the Cockpit-Fest USA Homepage for further information.

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