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    FreeMeshX Global for FSX, FSX:SE, and P3D


    FreeMeshX Global for FSX, FSX:SE, and P3D by Nine-Two Productions . FreeMeshX is a global terrain mesh replacement for the stock terrain mesh and features LOD10 (38-m) coverage for almost the entire world. LOD10 is equal to the same terrain level of detail used for the USA in the stock scenery, while the rest of the world varies from LOD6 to LOD9. FreeMeshX was created to bring the rest of the world up to the LOD10 standard as much as possible .


    Towards the end of 2014, NASA began to release new upgraded terrain data for regions outside of the USA that was higher in resolution and also void-filled. This SRTM 3.0 data is identical to the quality of the USA SRTM data that is available at 1-arcsecond resolution (30-m). Unlike proprietary terrain data, such as NextMap, SRTM data has always been open and free, so nothing prohibited us to start downloading the data and compiling it for FS use.


    FreeMeshX features LOD10 (38-m resolution) coverage for:

    North America (LOD10 Canada is released in this mesh - default USA is already LOD10, so USA is not included for the base release. A LOD11 USA mesh is in the works)


    South and Central America




    Australia and Oceania


    A few regions are limited to LOD9 (76-m resolution):



    Russian territories north of 60 N latitude


    FreeMeshX was compiled using over 400 GB of raw terrain data. The final size of the product is 42 GB, making it one of the largest freeware projects ever for FS. It wouldn't be in everyone's best interests to download all 42 GB at once, so we are releasing the product the product into continental regions for a total of 7 downloads.



    Come learn more

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