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    PMDG 747 V2, ORBX, A2A, Dovetail,IRIS, Aerosoft, Just Flight At Flight Angels


    An announcement from Jane Whittaker

    Guys, I wanted to share with you some of the content on offer at Flight Angels if you want to bid for a flight sim, train sim, or even truck sim bargain.


    Yes, you read right, PMDG are full partners in the event and will be offering 5 lucky people licence keys to be amongst the first people in the world to fly the much awaited new Boeing 747-400 from PMDG (Rob will also be there live to discuss with you all and share live news of new products!!)


    Our friends at Dovetail are also partnering and sponsoring a flight leg and Matt Peddlesden from DTG is on hand to discuss everything flight and train from Dovetail, along with a massive giveaway of FSX:SE Steam Keys, copies of Train Simulator 2016, over 100 train simulation DLC items from Steam and much more - and for the train fans, 25 of you will be lucky winners of TS2017 Pioneer edition that also includes a beta access for the new TrainSim world from Dovetail!! Thank you so much Dovetail for your generosity and support!


    ORBX, another official partner at the event also have a fabulous giveaway - 20 lucky winners will each receive 10 ORBX products of their choice - yes 10 ORBX products from their catalogue of YOUR choice for 20 lucky people!


    A2A Simulations, are also partner and sponsor and are going to be giving one very very lucky winner on the day their entire product catalogue - yes every plane and pack that A2A have ever produced will be going to a lucky winner! Their is also the opportunity to bid on copies of each and every one of their aircraft, with all bids going to the charities!


    Aerosoft are running a special sale over the weekend at www.aerosoft.com with proceeds going to the charity! Thank you guys! - Amongst other items, they are running special offers on airport scenery, the Aerosoft F-16 and more!! (we have F-16 pilot Col Champagne with us on the day!) Mathis Kok is also going to be making a very special live chat on the weekend - Those who know Mathijs know he is an incredibly engaging speaker! Thank you Mathijs!


    Did I tell you also that our friends and partners at IRIS are also offering their entire catalogue to lucky winners on the day - if that is not enough, they will also be offering the winners free access to all new releases for the next year!


    The amazing people at Just Flight are also running some very special product sales - watch this space for a special announcement


    The lovely people at Key Publishing are offering some very special yearly subscriptions to magazines such as PC Pilot Magazine! thank you guys!


    If you love Truck Simulator (and who doesn't!) - the world's leading simulation publisher Excalibur, are offering scores of keys for their entire product range, including Euro Truck Simulator and American Truck Simulator


    If you think this is all the prizes or companies involved on the day, i am just getting warmed up  - watch this space as there is so much more to discuss!


    I would also like to thank AVSIM for their generosity, support and partnership in this event - we couldn't do it without you. I would also like to thank our official partner VATSIM for all that they are doing - watch their skies for some Flight Angels action!


    The wonderful guys at YouTube are also official partners for this event and are doing a ton of work behind the scenes in making this a reality for us all and promoting the event! Thank you YouTube!


    How do you win this stuff, visit www.flight-angels.com where we will be running a 24 hour YouTube live stream (you can view the stream live at that webpage immediately the event starts) We start at 7PM Eastern (midnight UK) this Friday and will be running for a full 24 hours. Again, all proceeds go to the children's charities, so please make use of the donate buttons on the page. It is not hyperbole to say that every penny, cent and euro helps some very deserving kids!


    Thank you to all our supporters and partners (and yes we have more to announce!) and thank you all for being there. This is simply the biggest flight sim and aviation event in history - let's make it the biggest donation to sick kids around the world in simulation and aviation history!!



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