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    Sky Blue Radio Wee Tune Beastie 3.4


    The Wee Tune Beastie 3.4 is out! Listen to your favorite DJ's while on a long haul or short haul flight. Vatsim, IVAO, PilotEdge, Boston ATC, or any other network, we support them all! The Wee Tune Beastie now provides extra listener support by giving the listener the power to play the Sky Blue Radio jukebox!


    When there is no live DJ on, simply click the music symbol button to open the jukebox and enjoy up to 3 songs per hour. Browse our music catalog and power up in your favorite flight simulator or for any occasion.


    You can also connect the Wee Tune Beastie to your flight simulator and use your comm 2 radio to listen in by tuning to 123.45! The program also contains a LIVE chat box so you can shout out in real time on the quick com’s!


    Included in this update is a major update to vRoute as well, check out vRoute now at vroute.net where you can use one of the best flight planning softwares around and have Sky Blue Radio at the same time!!!


    Enjoy your virtual flight listening to Sky Blue Radio. What better way to do that than to download the Wee Tune Beastie from Sky Blue Radio ,Download the new Wee Tune Beastie today!


    Listeners may also tune in via their com 2 radios on 123.45 with our Free Wee Tune Beastie application available for download on our website. We are available via Black Berry, Android or iPhone phones through the TuneIn Application.  


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