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    The AVSIM Hack - A Restropective

    Tom Allensworth

    On this day, at approximately 10:00 p.m. EST, four years ago, AVSIM was hacked. Or, as it turned out, destroyed from within. You can read the full story here. This is not so much a time of reflection on the hack itself, but on the response of the flight simulation community; you.


    Without the support and contributions from our readers and community members, AVSIM as you know it today, may not have existed. The community INITIATED on its own a fund raising effort and in the end, contributed over $30,000 to our rebuilding and future system growth. This story is about those of you who saw something in AVSIM that deserved saving. This is a story about those of you who wanted this thing called AVSIM to continue.


    This topic isn't about the hack necessarily; it is about you and your memories of the time after the hack. Why did you contribute? Why was AVSIM worth your contribution? Your thoughts about then and now? If you lived through those times, give us your insight into your perception of events then and the hindsight that you possess today.


    You can join the discussion of the hack and give us your insights and comments here.
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