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    The Einstein Award - Member Nominations Now Open!

    AVSIM Admin

    We are looking for nominations to our first Einstein award. If you are not familiar with the Einstein award, please read its description here:




    We will be accepting nominations for this award for the next five days. We will close nominations at noon on Saturday, June 30th. Your nominiations must be made as a response to this message. Once the nominations are closed, we will open a poll by the entire community to vote for one member in the nominations list. Here are the rules:


    The person nominated must be an active member in good standing of the AVSIM Community.

    The person nominated cannot be deceased, inactive or banned.

    You are not allowed to nominate yourself.

    Your nomination must meet the basic requirements of the Einstein award criteria.

    You are only allowed to post one nomination. Multiple nominations will be removed.

    If a person has already been nominated, please do not nominate again.

    Do not post "I second this nomination", "+001" etc. posts. A nominated user will be included in the vote. You are not voting for them in the nomination period.



    Place your nomination here.

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