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    The End Of The Runway For Flight


    Microsoft issued the following on their FaceBook today announcing the closing of Flight servers.

    "The End Of The Runway For Flight


    Even though we knew this day was coming it doesn’t make the fact Flight is officially shutting down its servers any easier to accept. But the truth is there comes a point in the life of every game where it is no longer feasible to sustain the game and the decision is made to suspend operations. And it just so happens to be that time for Microsoft Flight.


    The flight sim community is unique from other online gaming communities in that we enjoy the company of the very young and the really old from around the world united with a single passion – the love of flying. We’ve met virtual aviators along the way who dream of one day being real pilots and we’ve chatted with those who have actually experienced the marvel of flight, the second-greatest thrill on earth (landing is the first). We thank those of you who chose to fly with us.


    There is a popular quote among aviators that says, “A mile of highway will take you a mile but a mile of runway will take you anywhere.” This might be the end of the runway for Flight, but just remember, the end of the runway can look very different depending on whether you are taking off or taxiing back to the hangar...and pilots routinely do both.


    Clear skies.


    Safe landings.


    We hope you’ve enjoyed the flight.


    This is your Flight crew signing off."

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