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    The Western Roundup To Begin April 27th


    The Spring Event Team is delighted to bring you another of the annual series of MSFS flying events. This year, the Spring Event focuses on General Aviation during the contemporary era. Everyone is welcome to participate in this light-hearted and friendly competition. (Someone will win and receive all our congratulations – but no one really cares. The important thing is to have fun flying and mastering the challenges.)


    The Spring Event typically attracts simulator pilots who participate in the forums at AVSIM, FlightSim.com, and Sim-Outhouse as well as elsewhere on the web. You can learn more about the event, and register to participate, by visiting the Sim-Outhouse Multiplayer forum here:



    The Western Roundup has the following features.


    • Fly General Aviation Aircraft seventeen legs (about 10-12 hours in the air) from Seattle, through the Rocky Mountain West and Desert Southwest, and then back to San Francisco Bay.
    • Your goal is to minimize time and fuel consumption.
    • Fly whenever you like, either online or offline. Use real time weather but set the simulator clock to daylight if you wish.
    • You can use any of a large number of pre-authorized GA aircraft. (Piston-powered, not turbines.) The event parameters make aircraft of different speeds and fuel consumption more-or-less competitive, depending on the skills and strategies of the pilot.
    • Newcomers can take advantage of the Rookie Mulligans that absolve newcomers of penalties for crashes and similar "rookie" mistakes.
    • The Roundup begins on April 27 and ends on May 27, 2013. You may enter and fly at any time before the finish.


    A nearly-final draft of the general setup and the essential rules, as well as clarifications and updates, can be found at the Official Rules and NOTAMS thread here:


    Or the draft (without updates) can be downloaded from a Dropbox server here:


    We hope that everyone will enjoy this year's Spring Event.


    The Spring Event Team

    Paul Beaudoin, Jim Doner, Mike MacKuen, Willy McCoy, and Kevin Moore,
    with Rob Ibey, Rob Osborne, Jeff Williams and Nick Wood.

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