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    Victoria BC Scenery Released


    Exclusively for owners of ORBX Pacific Northwest, here's the long awaited release that adds key features of Victoria+ to PNW, and adds a number of new features only available for PNW users. For Microsoft FSX SP2/Acceleration and Lockheed Martin Prepar3d V2.2.1 or higher.
    Custom buildings, waterfront and objects for Victoria, BC, Canada including a Photoreal Inner Harbour seawall

    Compatibility with Larry Robinson's amazing Victoria Belleville St.ferry terminal and vessels, see below
    Radar domes on Mt. Newton and Mayne Island
    Updated Ogden Point Terminal with new textures
    New and improved buildings
    Corrected locations for many antennae
    Improved landclass over PNW

    Airport facilities for:

    CAP5 Victoria International Floatplane Base, requires CYYJ (2011)
    CAX6 Ganges Floatplane Base (improved over PNW)
    CBF7 Victoria - Camel Point Heliport (added to PNW)
    CBK8 Victoria Jubilee Hospital Heliport (added to PNW)
    CBW7 Victoria General Hospital Heliport (added to PNW)
    CBZ7 Victoria - Shoal Point Coast Guard Heliport (added to PNW)
    CMAP Maple Bay Floatplane Base (improved over PNW)
    CMBH Mount Belcher Heliport (added over PNW)
    CYWH Victoria Harbour Floatplane base (improved over PNW)

    AI craft and traffic:

    DHC-2 floatplane and traffic (Harbour Air, Kenmore Air, Pat Bay Air)
    pilot boat which travels to rendezvous with Larry's static freighter, the Tai Harvest

    users of Misty Fjords and Vancouver+ will also get cruise ship traffic: the Island Princess and the Volendam
    Vancouver+ also has flightplans which will populate the Victoria+ area with lots of DHC-2, DHC-3 and DHC-6 traffic
    For Vancouver+ users (which has the Bell·206L model): Canada Coast Guard helicopter flying from CBZ7 (Shoal Point), BC Ambulance helicopter flying from CMBH (Mount Belcher, Saltspring Island)

    Companion Products:

    ORBX FTX NA Blue Pacific Northwest is required
    Latest version of CYYJ from Don Grovestine is highly recommended, and it will add buildings and docks to CAP5    
    Larry Robinson's MV Coho ferry and dock, (scroll down and select the two links under "Addon Pack for Vic+ V8 and Orbx PNW") and static freighter are highly recommended, Victoria Harbour is incomplete without it
    Vancouver+ for FSX provides adjacent scenery and flightplans and models for lots of AI traffic

    Visit the Victoria BC Scenery Homepage for details and download.

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