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    Just Planes/WorldAirRoutes Ethiopian Airlines B777/B767


    Reviewer Marlon Carter takes a look at the operations of Ethiopian Airlines depicted on this DVD covering routes from Nigeria to Dubai to Angola aboard both the Boeing 777 and 767 aircraft. Get on board the flight deck with the crew and witness cockpit/cabin interactions during the flights.


    Ethiopian Airlines








    Ethiopian Airlines seems to be in the spotlight for all the right reasons. Just Planes has released yet another DVD/Blu-Ray featuring Ethiopian Airlines and the operations of its B777 and B767 aircraft. The first segment of this DVD features the popular B777-200LR on flights to Nigeria, Dubai and Angola. The 767-300 takes the spotlight on the final flight of this DVD on the Ethiopia to Frankfurt route.


    Starting off with our first series of flights we join the Captain as he makes preparations for the flight by completing his briefing at flight operations and then proceeding to the aircraft for an external walkaround of the aircraft. During this external walkaround you will learn a wealth of information about the 777 and what pilots are keenly looking for when checking various parts of the aircraft.


    After the walkaround has been completed the crew continues their preparation for departure from the cockpit. These preparations not only include paperwork and setting up the aircraft, but it also includes briefing the cabin crew on the details of the four hour flight ahead to Abuja, Nigeria.




    During this flight I was very impressed with the presentation on the cabin crew which highlighted the vast menu options available to passengers. I was also impressed with the level of interaction with the crew as they took many opportunities to explain some of their procedures. The return flight to Addis also featured many presentations. The most significant was the presentation of the EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) and the cockpit presentation. The cockpit presentation was in-depth and easy to follow and this was definitely a highlight of this DVD.


    After landing at Addis airport, we take a break from the cockpit to enjoy a lovely musical presentation of the Ethiopian Airlines 777 fleet in action. While this segment was short it was nicely put together. The flight that follows takes us from Ethiopia to intriguing destination of Dubai in the UAE. Highlights of this round trip flight included a presentation by a cabin crew member on some of the items (likely for sale) onboard the aircraft. These items included ties, music CDs, perfumes and makeup for both men and women. This type of diversity is not common among other airlines and it truly sets Ethiopian apart as being unique and in a class of its own.


    While on the ground at Dubai there was also a tour of the 777 crew rest areas and a short presentation on the computer that controls the entertainment and other systems in the cabin of the aircraft. Another highlight worth mentioning was the visually stunning departure from Dubai. From the cockpit windows of the B777 you have a clear view of many landmarks that are synonymous with the city of Dubai.


    While enroute to Ethiopia the captain chats with the viewers on some of the training requirements in order to fly the B777. For anyone whose dream it is to someday fly this aircraft, this is the segment you shouldn’t miss.




    The final round trip flight onboard the 777 takes us from Ethiopia to Angola. This four hour flight was also filled with highlights that many viewers will enjoy. The most significant highlight was the amazing approach into Luanda airport where our 777 flies directly over another aircraft on the airport’s secondary runway. The return flight didn’t feature any presentations but it was more of a scenic segment filled with many camera views.




    The final flight takes us from Ethiopia to Frankfurt onboard Ethiopian Airlines’ 767-300 with winglets. Apart from the captain discussing much of the flight details throughout the flight, there are also segments that focus on the performance of the 767 and the advantages of having winglets. The landing at Frankfurt was very scenic and this is segment can be appreciated more than once due to the replay of the approach from a different perspective.


    It was quite sad to see that this is last flight on this DVD as I can assure you that this DVD is very captivating. Ethiopian Airlines truly shines in this DVD and I am positive that everyone will enjoy this latest offering from Just Planes.




    Additional Information


    Summary / Closing Remarks


    Publisher: Just Planes
    Format: DVD/Bluray
    Reviewed By: Marlon Carter

    I am always impressed with the new formats of Just Planes DVDs and this one is no exception. This DVD also comes in Blu-Ray format and at a price of $30.00 it is well worth it. Ethiopian Airlines seems to be a rising star among airlines and I am certain we will see and hear many good things about this airline in the future. The presentation was superb and very entertaining.


    What I Liked About the DVD

    • Great scenery
    • Creative editing and camera views
    • Features very unique destinations and aircraft
    • HD and widescreen format
    • Fantastic Airline and Flight Crew.

    What I Disliked About the DVD

    • Nothing….
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