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  1. Hi Steffen, Thanks for the reply. I should have mentioned that I have created a couple of carrier routes a few YEARS ago. I do not remember when. I am getting too OLD to start fresh. I was thinking of an easy way to do it is change the coordinates. I don't have the patience or the AGE to do it from scratch. I was thinking of a SHORTCUT. I think it can be done, but I do not know how. I thought if somebody has an idea how it can be done that way. I am still open for any suggestion. As for your question, why? I think I answered that in my posting........DIFFERENT SCENERY!! Thanks again, Abe
  2. Is it possible just to change the coordinates of an existent carriers route - so that I would have different scenery? If so, please how? Thanks Abe
  3. Anybody using it? Anybody made any plans, landing, takeoff or transit. Appreciate any input. Thanks, Abe
  4. Hi Joe, GREAT NEWS!! Thank you for your HELP and sticking with me all this time. I finally got it to work!! By the way I did follow all the suggestions that came with the new OTBD file and your follow through of the instructions. In return, I am going to let you on a little SECRET. (that is if you do not know it already). For some reason, possibly my own screw-up, I was unable on some occasions to install something in the Addon Scenery. I either heard it someplace or figure it out on my own to use a different ROUTING. Instead of Addon Scenery: I used this routing: FSX\SCENERY\CITIES\DOHA and FSX\SCENERY\CITIES\DOHA_LANDCLASS. It worked like a charm. I could see in the MAP view: 16L 108.70 160 34R 110.10 336 16R 108.10 160 34L 111.90 336 Thanks again, Joe, for your help and for sticking with me and guiding me. Regards, Abe
  5. Thanks again, Joe. I checked the GPS and I checked the FSX's menu MAP. Neither shows any ILS's for the new OTBD. I checked other airports , all of them showed the ILS's of all airports that have ILS. Like I mentioned earlier, I must have not installed the NEW OTBD correctly. Would you please tell me in detail how you installed it in your FSX. I would appreciate that very much. Thanks. Abe
  6. Thanks Joe, I feel like an FSX illitirate. Where is the "Airport Facilities Data" and the "GPS". I see the display of the Doha airport showing 34R and 34L and the terminal. I think I may have installed the files incorrectly even though I believe I followed the instructions carefully. I would appreciate it very much if you could give me specific instructions about installing the files correctly. And information about "Airport Facilities Data" and "GPS". Thanks again. regards, Abe
  7. Thanks, Joe. Yes I downloaded the file and installed it, like I said the Scenery is beautiful. I do not understand "looked at the AFD file." Please explain how can you tell the ILS exists. Appreciate any help. Thanks Abe
  8. I downloaded and installed the NEW Doha-Qatar airport. I was able to have it nicely displayed right next to the old OTBD airport. However, I was unable to install the ILS files. Is there something that can be done to fix it? Appreciate any help. Thanks
  9. 1.This is just a very small example of what is available in form of AI CARRIERS. aicarriers2.zip uss_nimitz_ike_version2_part1 uss_nimitz_ike_version2_part2 aicarriers2r2.zip carriertracks1and2.zip aicarriers1.zip 2.You say: Something that confuses me in your posts, though, is that you point out the fact that the aircraft land on their wheels, as they still use them when landing on a carrier. My point is, if you have read my post carefully, that, I only see the aircraft with their WHEELS DOWN - aircraft that land on the aircraft carriers DO NOT APPEAR...........that's the differentiation. Thank you. I forgot to add, in addition to the AI TRAFFIC that I added. I also created several moving carriers following routes I created around the Los Angeles basin and Catalina island. All of them function beautifully.
  10. I like to open this subject again: I am unable to watch any AI traffic carrier-landing - I did in the past. I even created some traffic. I am able to see the Corsairs and Skyhawks - only with WHEELS landing in naval airports. Appreciate any help. Thanks. Abe
  11. Thank you, Meshman. I found MakeRwys. I have version 4.45, is that the latest? Can you create airports and ILS's with it? Please let me know. Thanks. Abe
  12. I meant FSX the microsoft flight simulator.
  13. I remember a program that collects all data of FSX airports.......frequencies etc. If somebody knows the name of the program, I would appreciate it. Thanks. Abe
  14. No mission. I created several AI traffic files and was able to watch the landings on various carriers. Today, I tried it, could not do it. Like I mentioned above, I only could see Corsairs and Skyhawks - only with WHEELS landing for naval airports.
  15. I am unable to watch any AI traffic carrier-landing - I did in the past. I even created some traffic. I am able to see the Corsairs and Skyhawks - only with WHEELS landing in naval airports. Appreciate any help. Thanks. Abe
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