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  1. Before I got my new system with HD2900XT, I had (still have it) my 850XT hooked up with a Westinghouse 37" and a Dell 27", with no problem. Actually, with the Dell, I had it connected once with VHS and then with DVI, using the small adapter that came with it.Abe
  2. This topic has been moved by the moderator of this forum. It can be found at:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...9&topic_id=3999
  3. When I try to login, I get this:"Your browser is currently not accepting cookies from this site -- cookies are requires to access the AVSIM Library.Please check your browser's configuration, ensuring you accept cookies from library.avsim.net.To do this under Internet Explorer: Go into Internet Options, Privacy, Cookies, Edit, library.avsim.net, Allow"Used another computer......same message....My browser shows.......ALLOW ALL COOKIES......did not change anything.Appreciate any help...I sent a message to the library.Abe
  4. Been using a Wistinghouse monitor.....37".....1920x1080 HD for over 4 months now.....................BEAUTIFUL.Abe
  5. Noel, just do a search and download that TWEAK file I mentioned to you. I bet it will work...Like I said that program helped me when nothing else did. It is WORTH a TRY!!Abe
  6. Noel,A couple of things to mention and a POSSIBLE solurion.I want to mention, just for the #### of it, that I have been using SCSI for a long time.....ever since the ATARI days....I am very new with SATA.......and like I said had NO trouble with it.Now the possible solution....On a few occasions I used a utility called TWEAK UI for WINDOWS v. 2.10. Runn it, under my computer/Drives:it shows the ALPHABET A-Z......possibly the boxes are NOT checked off. So check off a few like C,D,E..and see if that works. It did with me at least a few times where the drive letter....like you.....did not appear. And that worked.........Let me know.If that does not work......EXCHANGE your drive with another one - possibly a different brand.Abe
  7. Noel,I have 4 SATA II drives (2maxtor,seagate,WD) and 2 SATA dvd burners.....no problems.XP is running in 3, the 4th has XP and Vista 64. I repeat I had no problem with any one of them. I have an Abit IP35 which has 6 SATA inputs...........as you can see I am using them all......Disk management of course shows them all.Did you boot up with the XP CD and let it find the drive for you? I believe that's what I did in each instance of XP installation.Abe
  8. Even though FSX+ACCELERATION runs pretty good, I only use my VISTA 64 with 4gigs of ram for video capture and rendering, it is faster in that respect. I stick with XP pro, smoother, more reliable, easier and less on security bog down.Abe
  9. I have been using ATI for some time. My older system, which I still have and use, have ATI 850XT which served me(and still does) very well. The HD 2900XT (1gig) is made by Diamond. Like I said, No heat, No special cooling. I am using an Apevia case which I love.Also, 2 more concerns of yours. Power, my electric bill remains practically constant since before and after I got the 2900 and NO NOISE (lol).No experience with the sapphire. Reputation, as far as I know, is as good as Diamond.Abe
  10. For whatever it is worth, I've been using the 2900XT (1gig) since October, seems to be working just fine with FSX and great with FS9. I use it a lot for video capture and that also is working fine. In addtion to the performance, there is no noticeable heat generated.Abe
  11. Just like Walouigi mentioned............CTRL+F9 works just fine.Abe
  12. Thanks again Emile.I'll probably get an External Sata, if it does not work I can always take it back.Abe
  13. Peter,Thanks very much for the specs - very useful to know.Emile,I am not clear on the installation of the "RAID driver". Are you saying that you had to install the Raid driver and use it in order to be able to access the drive? Is that because of the limitation of your MB or a MUST with any MB? Would appreciate an answer. I have 6 SATA slots and all are occupied with 4 drives and 2 Sata burners. I do have 2 addtional Sata inputs.....external, hence the question.Thanks again, gentlemen.Abe
  14. ABE


    The best thing to do is to create your OWN traffic file, something as simple as this:AC#22,727AA,1%,4Hr,IFR,0:39:59,00:56:54,60,F,737,VHHH,2:49:59,03:06:54,60,F,727,VHHXAC#23,727BF,1%,4Hr,IFR,1:00:00,01:16:55,60,F,747,VHHH,3:09:59,03:26:54,60,F,727,VHHXAC#3,747BR,1%,4Hr,IFR,1:19:59,01:36:54,60,F,747,VHHH,3:30:00,03:46:55,60,F,747,VHHXAnd see if it works.Abe
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