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  1. Holy realism Batman!!! ... oh wow that is great work Ben geez you are freakin amazin ... you live and dream American Airlines :-jumpy DanKLGA
  2. Scout703

    It's been nice :)

    Well Jon it is a lost to us to see that you would not grace us with your beautiful screen shots :-( and simply being a nice person, so don't be a stranger to us that love your work. So don't be a stranger and give a person a shout once in a while.DanKLGA
  3. Hi everyone I am a beginner scenery designer and I am looking at doing the 'Jewel of Asia' Kuala Lumpur International. But I need help though, can anyone out there direct me to a site or share photos that they have with me so I can move forward on making this wonderful scenery. Don't worry, it will be freeware. So to introduce myself to all of you, I am Dan and I will be asking everyone a lot of
  4. Scout703

    Boeing 747 400

    Jon, you are a credit to painters out there these are simply works of art. They are wonderful, so when are we going to fly these beauty, since my niece love Pokemon and Disney ... go figure. Speechless I tell you simply great work.DanKLGA