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  1. Hi all, I've been trying to get some assistance from the developers for quite some time (no response so far). I purchased and installed this scenery a while back. The issue I'm having with this scenery is flickering runway and taxiway textures (the terminal and other buildings are fine). I do have the latest version of the scenery (v2 - purchased from simmarket). Other than the flickering textures, the scenery is fine (in terms of framerates,etc). I've sent an email to the developers, sent them a message on their FB page, but no response. Thanks in advance for any assistance. J.C.
  2. Hi, There's another similar topic posted earlier, and I found the cuplrit ( gameux.dll ). That seemed to have done the trick. Thanks
  3. Hi all, I'm having an issue that started perhaps a week or two ago. When starting FS9, my CPU usage spikes to 100%, and remains there even after I exit FS9. This affects performance within in the sim (framerates are lower than normal, etc). I've done no changes to my system (no new programs, added nothing to FS9 in terms of scenery, etc). I've removed the fs9 cfg file, and allowed FS9 to rebuild a fresh one from scratch, but no change. I've tried system restore to a time before the issue popped up, but no luck. I would like to avoid a reinstall if possible. Below are my system specs: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601 System Manufacturer Alienware System Model Aurora-R2 System Type x64-based PC Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 760 @ 2.80GHz, 2801 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) BIOS Version/Date Alienware A04, 6/28/2010 SMBIOS Version 2.6 Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 8.00 GB Total Physical Memory 7.99 GB GEForce GTX 750 Ti Also, this issue only happens when using FS9. My other programs are not affected (Autocad, etc). Any assistance that can be rendered will be appreciated. Many thanks in advance. J.C.
  4. Hi all, Does anyone know where I can download the above AI repaint? Looked in the library here and a few other places, but no luck. Thanks in advance. J.C.
  5. It would seem so I guess. I'm hoping that there is a solution to get the FMS to perform as advertised though. Other than this snafu, everything else works like a dream, so if I can find a solution to this issue, it would be great, since presently, I do it the old fashioned way, which is not how a modern FMS equipped aircraft is designed to work, all things considered. J.C.
  6. Hi Duran, Most of the procedures that I fly which include DME arcs already have quite a few waypoints between the entry and exit points, so not sure if adding additional waypoints will make a difference. Additionally, an arc is not even displayed on the MFD; the waypoints of the arc are displayed point to point in a straight line. J.C.
  7. Hi DJ Below is an excerpt as advertised for the features of the Ejets on their page: FMS Features (Flight Management System) Ultra realistic and very complete dual FMS with Vertical Glide Path Mode and Coupled LNAV / VNAV Learn function : the FMS learns your flying habits for more accurate flight predictions Five different patterns simulated including HOLD, PROCEDURE TURN,... SID/STAR with DME arc,... Based on the above, I'd like to believe that DME arcs are simulated,no? Thanks, J.C.
  8. Hi all, I've been using the Feelthere Ejet series for awhile now, and for the most part, things work as advertised. I do have one issue, though, and that is getting the aircraft to fly a star/approach with a DME arc. I've ensured that the FMS is set up correctly with the published star/approach that includes a DME arc (quite common in the Caribbean where I do most of my flights) and I'm pretty sure that it's not a programming issue. For the record, every other procedure that I program into the Feelthere FMS works without a hitch (including Rnav procedures). In all instances where I've programmed a procedure with a DME arc, I've had to follow the arc manually in "heading" mode since LNAV won't follow the procedure, even though the FMS is set up correctly. I'm using the ejet version 2, FS9.1, and windows 7 64-bit. I've checked and doubled checked the manual to make sure I'm not missing anything, I've asked for help on their support forum awhile back, but didn't really get a satisfactory answer or suggestion for a fix. Any suggestions for this issue will be greatly appreciated, since I'd like to believe that LNAV should be able to follow a DME arc once entered correctly into the FMS as a part of a procedure. Thanks in advance, J.C.
  9. Good Day, I sent an email to imaginesim's support email address requesting some assistance a few days ago, but have yet to receive a reply. If anyone here from Imaginesim reads this post, can you please send me a PM or email me at jclarke@coralwave.com so that I can detail the nature of the assistance requested. Thanks J.C.(MYNN)
  10. Hi there, Best of luck on your checkride. I've been through three checkrides already (Pvt, multi, instrument) and I think that the private was probably the most challenging. The PPL also gave me the greatest sense of accomplishment too. I know that you have probably heard this already, but consider your PPL a license to learn. J.C.(MYNN)PPL ASEL,AMEL,Instrument Airplane
  11. Good evening, I also use MSFS to keep my IFR skills sharp. Actually, I try to replicate as closely as possible the proper flight planning and procedures that I use in the real world to my virtual flights. This includes checking the weather, notams(I will even go so far as to modify the airport afcads to reflect certain notams where possible e.g. rwy closures,etc), flight planning using preferred routes,performance calculations, and weight and balance calculations. I normally do an IPC every 6 months as a means of maintaining my IR currency, and I find that MSFS has helped me a lot in this regard. BTW, I'm looking for a time building partner in the Miami/ Ft Lauderdale area since I'm working towards my commercial. If any one is interested, please send me a PM. Thanks.J.C. (MYNN)PPL ASEL/AMEL Instrument Airplane
  12. Good evening, I know that it is probably a longshot, but does anyone know of a website that lists which of these airports are served by approach control radar? I've tried google but to no avail. Thanks.J.C. (MYNN)PPL ASEL AMEL Instrument Airplane
  13. Good evening folks, I want to sincerely thank everyone who contributed to this post. I apologise for not responding earlier but I have been extremely busy at work. Part of the reason that I decided to post this question was because I got two different opinions from two different FSDOs and since this site is always helpful to me, I decided to post the question here. BTW Jeff, can you provide me with a link(if it's not too much trouble) to some of those legal FAA opinions that address this issue? Thanks again.J.C. (MYNN)PPL ASEL, AMEL Instrument Airplane (Currently time building towards COMM ASEL,AMEL)
  14. Hi Jeff, Thanks for your very detailed reply. As far as I'm aware, the B200 doesn't require a type rating. Thanks again.J.C. (MYNN) PPL ASEL, AMEL Instrument Airplane(Aiming for COMM SEL,MEL by Xmas)
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