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  1. Hello everyone!I have just recently heard about FSBoarding and got intrigued - downloaded and istalled it. The version is 2.2.1a and FSUIPC is I try to load FSBoarding in connection w/FS I get the annuouncement that FSBoarding would only work w/ registered versions of FSUIPC.Whereas it appears reasonable, it still seems quite odd to me, since all other and LARGER applications run with FSUIPC just fine. Furthermore, FSBoarding was originally designed for FS2002 and hasn't been updated since (or has it?).Do I just a) have to live with it :( get the full version of FSUIPC or c) change any settings I don't know about and get it running?Thanks for any help....CF
  2. Hey Coorby,I've had the same problem, whereas it's not really a major one as you say, as long as FS9 keeps running the way it should.I noticed it after I've put FS in 2d mode and linked it with the AFCAD program. When editing in AFCAD I always moved the minimized FS window to the left and worked on AFCAD on the right side of the screen. After that I've noticed the splashscreen being moved as far to the left as I've moved FS in the previuos 2d mode.So, put FS in 2d mode and move the window around a little to the right. That should do the trick ;)Happy landings...CF...
  3. Hey Nick,thanks alot for your advice. It did go into the right direction as I think I've isolated the problem. After re-installing FS9 twice (worked after first time in empty partition!) and failing me again after the splashscreen, there was one coincidence in both cases: I've installed CoursePlaner (unreg. demo version) into the FS9 root dir. So I once again uninstalled FS and instead of removing all remaining dirs sweeped the root dir clear of all the crappy .dlls and other weird-loking files left behind by Courseplaner. FS9 runs smoothly ever since. I sure hope that was the true reason, but I've added all the extra details to FS9 step by step when I noticed the probblem. I have CoursePlaner running flawlessly on a seperate partition and FS9 makes me happy again :DLotsa thanks to all others for their input.Happy landings (once again ;))...CF...
  4. Hello everybody...First of all thanks for all the suggestions. I've tried them all out (re-installing graphics driver, re-installing driectX, booting w/o joystick) but there was no effect, unfortunately :(Next thing I'll try is to uninstall FS, move the remaining folders to another partition and re-install FS9 onto a freshly cleaned-up partition.If that doesn't work, I'll just wait for my next computer and FS10 ;P ;POnce again thanks for your help. I really appreciate it!sigh......CF...
  5. gotcha.. ok, well I did rename it to FS10, for instance, and it did create a new .cfg file, but it didn't help.It's too weird... it's just before the monitor "snaps" into 3D mode that the program stops booting entirely and the system keeps running as if nothing had happened.thanks a lot for the advice, thoughCF :)
  6. Many thanks, Doug. I'll download that huuge file tomorrow at work. I sure hope this'll work. If it does, I.U.O.Happy landingsCF
  7. Hi everyone! Let's see if you can help me out of this....I'd really appreciate it!!!I don't know what's been happening. I got me a new plain cheapo joystick (USB) which didn't even come w/ drivers and stuff. Nice w/ throttle, cooliehat, 4 buttons. Good deal. Computer detects it, I personalize it, FS9 accepts it, I take off, land, am happy, things are great. During the same computer session, I'm eagerly doing flight preparations, downloading charts, plotting course in FlightPlanner, boot FS9, but..well, it DOESN'T boot. wh..? So, I try again, I see the splashscreen, the menu bar below opens, I see the sandclock, sandclock disappears, arrow appears, splashscreen disappears - no FS9.I even uninstall and re-install the thing. Still no boot, no FS9, but still the splashscreen.So, FS9 just STOPPED WORKING!! I can't explain it! Surely it can't be the joystick, since it DID work!Okay, don't hyperventilate. AVSIM forum guys always know what to do. They can help. People with similar problem have re-installed DirectX 9.x, whereas my copy of FS9 only came w/9.0 (bad?) and it obviously helped, but not me. Any ideas out there? So far, I've received great support from this site. Please don't fail me!!!!!! All I can give you is my sincerest gratitude in case of success. Please help me out of the dark, and out of DFW, where my plane is waiting for me ;PThanks in advance, CF.....
  8. Hello everyone! Why is it that with certain aircraft from specific designers one can't see the wings when looking outside, i.e. back/left or right? Example: POSKY-a/c's. Is there any way one can configure the model/cfg in a way that this is so? Thanks for any help ...CF
  9. aha! That makes sense, too. :) So all the world switches to DST, except for GMT itself?
  10. Thanks for the quick reply, but it didn't do the trick. I've saved new default flights several times since then. The two clocks are still 2 hours apart. FS Real Time gives me the wrong system UTC. Isn't that where FS gets its GMT time from?
  11. Hi everybody! I have a problem with my FS clock. The area of my residence in Germany is GMT+1, as it is set in my PC system calendar and clock. But the two FS clocks are 2 hours apart, in EDDF for example the GMT is always +2h. I've tried FS RealTime, but
  12. Thanks for your reply, I was talking about FS2004. The PAI320V6.air I think is what I'm actually looking for, for the V2 models at least. The problem is, that with the packages, I can't edit the aircraft individually anymore, meaning drag and drop .air files. It's all done automatically. I'guess I'll have to delete the aircraft and install them totally anew, that might do the job.I did try the PAI forums, but I have login problems there which are being discussed with the admin. at the moment.Thanks alot ... CF
  13. Hi everyone, I've installed the latest PAI Airbus package #2 and since then the entire A320 family (A319,320,321) is floating above the scenery again. I did install the latest FDE's but now w/ the installation packages they are no longer available individually. While installing I noticed that some FDE's were updated to Version 6.01, so I tried to install the older 6.00 version (I guess?!), yet the a/c are still floating a little above the scenery. Editing airport altitude didn't help, especially since all the other a/c's are firmly touching the ground. What is it with these new installation packages? Secondly, I can't seem to find FDE's for V2-models. Both A320 versions have to share the same .air file. That can't be right .. :(Thanks for any help. CF
  14. Jim, thanks for the hint. I'll check for the fix. ...... CF
  15. Hello everyone! I was approaching KPDX on Rwy 28L when I noticed that I was approaching the airfield a bit too far north, even though the ILS needle was centered. Using the latest AFCAD2 program, which also shows NAVAIDS, I was able to see that in the corresponding .bgl file (avsim.com add-on) the aligment seems quite alright, respecting magnetic variation as well as runway alignment. Interestingly, the back course rwy (same freq.) works just fine in FS. I tested the ILS approach in slew mode as well. I'm still off to the north a bit. Whereas it doesn't seem incorrectly installed, as I've pointed out, could it still be that the .bgl file is somehow corrupted? Thanks for the help.... :) CF
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