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  1. Sorry Dan, Yes thats the one and using it in FSX. I have installed it on two Win7 64 bit os and get the same results. Had been in contact with author but no luck. So was just wondering Regards Les Barwick.
  2. Hi Guys, Anyone still using this program?. Just happened on to it and find when i run it i have two problems. 1. It brings up an exception error when run and if i continue the program works but problem 2 occurs. 2. A second joystick for button assignment is not recognized. Can be assigned in program but wont switch what they are assigned to. Has anyone noticed this with version 0.98. Thanks Regards les
  3. Hi, I am interested in your product but do worry about this gauge inaccuracy. Can you not do what PM does with its gauges. Place a entry in the cfg file to correct it. Thanks Les
  4. Thanks Norbert,You have confirmed what i thought.I do use another interface for controls but wanted the analoue inputs for throttle,prop and mixture.Its a pity that more things seem to break with each new version.With the current version of cdk(1.2) the analogue pots work fine in the Setup option but seem to get screwed when routing thru fsim.Eric:Sorry cant help on your probs,im way behind you.Yes im using the CDK(1.2).Seriously considering going over to I/O cards.Fsbusseems to have more probs with each release.Take Care guys and thanks again for replying.Les
  5. Hi Norbert,You seem to be one of the few still working with Fsbus.I see from one of your posts you listed code showing the use of POTI statement.Have you actually tried to use this command with hardware and not the VC option.Im able to get the VC to work with the Mixture, propand Throttle.But not my hardware.Fsadmin shows my pots working fine.Can you confirm that you have had the hardware work the controls inFs9.I used your code but still it didnt work with hardware.Also i notice that the cowl Flap control doesnt work properlyanymore.This was brocken once and fixed but it appears not rightwith the latest version.Are you able to confirm this.Look forward toyour comments.RgdsLes
  6. Hi David,Yes a piece of wire will do just fine.No need to use smd o ohm.If you look on page 10 he mentions using apiece of if you dont have a smd resistor.Merry Xmas and safe and happy New year.Les
  7. Thanks Bill,All ok now,what great service.RgdsLes
  8. Hi,Ive downloaded the HTML doc so i can see videos ect.However most of the imaged are blank.How do i ensure these images are readable when viewing these docs.Just perusing the doc before buying.Pleaee help.Ive downloaded the pdf version,but i want to use the Browser one.Its a great presentation,so hope someone can help soon.ThanksRgdsLes
  9. Hi Eric,I tried to reply to your email but had it rejected.So i havnt been ignoring you.Yes im still with FSbus and hope it will be plain sailing from now on.Good to see you are ok now.Take CareLes
  10. HI guys,Just to let you know that Dirk has updated the Fsbus.exe to 1.0.5 (Beta).This fixes up the Bit command that used when configuring light switches.Those who havnt updated from 1.0.3,it also corrects Fsadmin Analogue probs along with the analogue correct operation inFsim.See the readme file. Thanks DirkLes
  11. Hi Nico,Thanks,i ve already saved many of your examples and will add those as well.While i get to grips with i/o cards.Les
  12. Hi Eric,Tried to reply to you via your email,no luck.Re your lates problem,sorry not been using rotaries,Have now abandoned Fsbus as there are still to many bugs.Unfortunately still some of the old onesfrom 2.4.3.Im going to start again with I/O cards.Fsbus is very goodbut support is very slow.No trouble with contacting me via email.Les
  13. Hi Eric,Still had problems with other bits being reset.I ve emailed Dirk my ini files and he said he would look into within the next two weeks.Les
  14. Eric,Sorry to hear of the oops with the board.Been there and done that.Thats the problem with these freeware programs.A lot of the time its bugs and we pay dearly.Dont be discouraged.Back to the question,after more exstensive checking,my one does the same in vc.I hadnt tested thoroughly with my hardware and hadnt tried an offset with a few bits being toggled.I also found that the effect can be random.I am going to try again shortly and then will send my INI file to Dirk and get his comments.It may only be a problem where one uses a few bits of a word.As i had originally used gear and Instrument lights to test with.So now i will have to try a few more options.Will keep you posted via this thread.Keep your chin up.Les
  15. Eric,Ive really not fully tested all bits for that offset.i am using0 to BIT 5.All in the same ini file.Can you answer me this question.1.Forget about using your hardware,have you tried to get your switches to work using the VC Option?.When i tested my files,i only had the three lines you listed andran FSBUS(no Hardware) and Flightsim at the same time and configured one of the switches in the VC panel and had my switches operate in the Plane that was running FS at the time.This way it proves your files are ok.i made my swithes toggle so i could operate the vc switches and the switch in FS would toggle also.Cut and paste me your dab and ini file and i will run it here and see what i get.Les
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