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  1. Hi,I have noticed the flight idle N1. With me it is always in the mid 30's (ground idle is in the low 20's). This makes it difficult to descend and slow down at the same time. I need to do this often. When I arrive at my home airport EHAM, I often have to slow down from 250 to 220 knots while descending from FL070 to 3000 feet.I am wondering if the N1 setting is correct. Can anyone confirm that this the same as in a real 737. I have never seen this behaviour, or at least the effects of this, on other FS aircraft.Only if the behaviour and its effects are as in the real world, I am willing to live with it. Since the speed brakes aren't very effective (this seems also to be the case in the real world), I will have to explain to my ATC why I am speeding up during my descend. If real world behaviour is different, or if the effects are a bit overdone in the PMDG , I am looking forward to some way to patch this behaviour (tweak the airfile or something like that).Kind regards and thanks for helping,Jacques de BeursThe Netherlands
  2. Hi,I know that not everybody liked the registration mechanism that was first part of the product. I am now thinking that if we would still have had it today, the SU2 could have been distributed by mirrors, avsim etc., because the registration thing would have prevented illegal use.To speak with Johan Cruijff, a famous Dutch former soccer player, "every advantage, has a disadvantage".Perhaps a policy that is more relaxed about using the product on a second PC in combination with the registration could be considered for the upcoming versions.Good luck with the site. Still trying to download.Jacques de Beurs
  3. Hi,I have the same problem. I can see the instruments in the VC but the instruments show a status of a point very early in my flight and are not being updated.Kind regards,Jacques de BeursThe Netherlands
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