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  1. Also, I discovered where I can right-click on the 2D instrument/gauge itself and choose "Undock". This would work fine, except for the fact that the gauge automatically maximizes to the size of my monitor. Anyone know how to stop the gauge from maximizing/resizing? James
  2. Just switched from FSX to P3D. I want to be able to place 2D instruments (like the 2D GNS 530, or the A2A 2D clipboard) onto my second monitor. Primary monitor has P3D VC. This was always possible in FSX when in Full Screen mode, and I just assumed it would work the same in P3D, but apparently not. I've searched and searched, and am struggling to find guidance. I've tried to create a new view, Undock it, and move it to the 2nd monitor. I can do this, but there's no option to make this view "panel only" where I can drag/drop a 2D instrument. Any ideas? Thank you. James
  3. Do you get a BSoD? I had a crashing issue a couple years ago, and it turned out to be a mobo problem. Changed to a new mobo, and all's been good. However, I think I had BSoDs, and the codes were pointing to something that led me to the mobo. Anyway, like you, I only ever had crashed in flight sim. Every other game, software, and Windows worked fine, which is what I think you mentioned too. James
  4. I'm contemplating P3D. Couple questions: 1. Are you suggesting that you get better FPS in P3D with an apples to apples setup? 2. P3D plays nice with Windows 10, right? Thanks! James
  5. Any word on the progress of the flowchart?James
  6. Alstiff: yeah, I tend to agree. I think I'm going to shutoff UTUSA whenever I fly the complex a/c, and just call that good.Dolph: I cannot begin to tell you haw many times I've checked for empty texture folders.....Thanks for posting gents.James
  7. Over Christmas I purchased a new PC. Core 2, etc, etc, etc, with 2GB Ram.I had been using an older PC for a couple of years and had always had very good results with FS9 (very few crashes of any kind). I always use: PMDG747 or LDS767 or F1 ATR, FS2Crew, ActiveCamera, Ultimate Traffic at 85-90% or so plus some additional GA traffic. The only addon scenery I used was F1's Islands of the West Indies. I use WideFS, so the client PC runs AS6 Wx, AI Separation, FSCommander.So, I get the new PC, and install the exacty same addons. Nearly double the framrates.... very nice. Then I discover scenery called Ultimate Terrain USA and FSG Mesh/Landclass. And both are reasonably priced (in fact I got the entire world mesh from FSG for 29.95; yeah, 308m all the way to 9m). I immediately realized how awesome they made the US look. But then, BAM... OOM's whenever I use the PMDG747 (I haven't really tried the LDS767 or ATR yet).I reasearched the living heck out of the OOM errors, and realized I'm not alone. I have the 1.30 patch for UT USA. I have tried the /3GB switch (which worked ok with my 8800 GT 512 after adding the /Userva 2900). I tried reducing UT's settings to just minimal gotta have stuff: major roads and night lights. No dice, still OOM. Tried removing the unused .dll's from the modules folder. Searched multiple times for empty texture folders. Used the FlightSim Manager to ensure the AI aircraft were okay and the landclass was okay.At this point, I'm getting ready to try my "guaranteed to OOM" flight with UT completely shutoff. That will mean the only scenery I have installed is the entire FSG mesh and FSG US Landclass and the Islands of the West Indies. It'll be the PMDG747, FS2Crew, ActiveCamera, Ultimate Traffic. If it OOM's, I'm going to send MS a flaming bag of you-know-what.Questions:1. Is there any reason to suspect that the FSG Mesh or landclass is the cause of the OOM and not Ultimate Terrain? I really don't need 38m mesh and could back it off to 67m worldwide.2. I have not tried moving the HL*.bgl's completely out of the UTUSA folder even after the v1.30 patch.3. But my real question: for those that have succeeded in minimizing OOMs, what did you do?Thanks,James
  8. If you're actually flying the VOR/DME RWY 9 approach, then you SHOULD be south of the runway. The VOR is located adjacent to the threshold of rwy 9, but is probably 200 ft south, so when you fly the inbound course of 096 degs, you will indeed be south of the runway.This is EXACTLY what is supposed to happen per the approach plate.The missed approach point is 1.9 miles from the threshold and at 600 ft MSL, so at this point you should be flying the aircraft manually to align on the runway centerline.VORs are NOT a precision approach like an ILS.James
  9. That link doesn't work right. Try this link:http://share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome...0AaM2bNs1ctWLoQJames
  10. Hi Folks:I just purchased the CH Throttle Quadrant, and was immediately very disappointed with the tiny knobs and short levers: it is just not possible to get your hands around them like you can a real life throttle. So, I set out to create longer levers and nicely shaped knobs that fit well in the palm of your hand.I'm very happy with the result. I'll let the pictures do the talking.These are made from:Lever (the part painted black) - 3/4 in. dia dowell rod; cut to 3 in. long. I cut out a slot on the bottom and they slide onto the CH TQ shaft. I installed a setscrew (tapped holes for the threads) so that the lever mounts securely to the CH TQ shaft.Knob (the part painted white) - 1.25 in dia dowell rod. I flat spotted the bottom and glued to the top of the lever.Painted and then used decals for the throttle numbers.The pics are on Shutterfly (hope this link works...)http://jawhite.shutterfly.com/action/pictu...58ee152596&pg=0James
  11. Gents:Well, I just installed the TaskAssign and off loaded FS9 to run on the 2nd core. Gained a little more than 10% on framerates. Not bad. (I use WideFS, so ActiveSky, etc, etc are on a separate PC.)Just for grins, I did a head-to-head comparison of my new PC vs. old, and thought I'd share:OLD PC: Athlon 64 3500, 1 GB RAM; ATI X800 ProNEW PC: Core 2 Duo E6850, 2 GB RAM, 8800 GT 512MBI created identical FS9 setups on both PCs, so that evertyhing matched perfectly.OLD Framerate: ~18NEW Framerate: ~34Not a bad increase. If we could just use the dual cores....James
  12. Bryan:I've only ever done maybe 3 or 4 go-arounds. As best I can remember, it is consistent.James
  13. Bryan:A few things I noticed today during a go around:1. Pressing the main button did not give me the Flaps 10 call (note: it may have been that I did this a little to early or too late; the only call I got was the After TO Checklist.)2. On the 2nd approach, the FO does not lower the gear after giving the Flaps 20, Gear Down call.3. After the giving the Flaps 30 call, the FO selects Flaps 25, not 30.James
  14. Okay, that's enough mud-slinging.Some lock this thread!!P.S. - CS sux
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