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  1. Hello, I also joined the 777 course and i really enjoy it. Great video tutorials I will properly also join the Majestic Dash Course soon ( i really wait for the FSL Airbus Tutorial - hopefully it comes soon )) ) When you do the training flight's between the island of Hawaii, which scenery where you using ? Is this from FSDT ? Greetings from Hannover Bodo
  2. Hello When i connect to IVAO i have the problem, that no button is clickable in the overhead, when i switch to the 2D-Panel, everything is working fine. As soon as i fly offline, everthing ( 2D panel, virtual panel ) is fine an everything is working. This sound's very strange for me.Any idea's ? Thanks Bodo
  3. bvthadden

    Installation problem

    HelloI have the 747 boxed version. On my Computer I have the FlightSimulator X ( Drive C ) and the Flightsimulator 2004 on drive E. But somehow the installer doesn't recognize the path of the Flightsimulator 2004. Instead he is copying all the files to drive c where the Flightsimulator X is installed.What can I do ?Bodo
  4. bvthadden

    LNAV & NAV & Saitek Joystick

    Thanks a lot for the answer,well, during a long flight, I do not want to hold my jostick all the time in my hand. So I put it on the carpet, next to my pc. That's why it could happen, that i touch the stick with my foot, if i don't care ;-)Thanks again for the response. I didn't know it.Bodo
  5. Hi folks,I have a litte problem with my joystick and the AP from the PMDG 737/738. When I fly and LNAV,VNAV is enabled and then suddenly touch my jostick with my foot, then VNAV and LNAV Buttons turn's off. Is this normal ? I always have to disable my stick in the flightsimulator.Greetings Bodo
  6. Hello,I just fly from Frankfurt to HongKong. The Destination on the PROG Page is a different from the first Page at the RTE-Page in the FMC. RTE Page says that the Original Airport is EDDF and the Destination VHHH. But when I click on the PROG Page, the Destination is UAUU. Why ? I do not fly there, and I didn't it entered it as alternativ airport.GreetingsBodo
  7. bvthadden

    ILS Problems in EDDS rwy 07

    Hello Norman,after searching the forums after my problem, I figured out that I have to enable the avionics switch. After that I had no more problems with the ILS. Normaly I start my engine and my cockpit in cold and dark mode, so I think not every avionics systems where started. When I fly the A330 or A340 I do not need to enable extra the avionic switch ...GreetingsBodoP.S Happy new Year everybody ;-)
  8. bvthadden

    ILS Problems in EDDS rwy 07

    i figured out that I have to enter the weights in pounds. But the ILS of the Airbus modell doesn't work. I have tried it in Hannover, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich ..... does not work. Then I tried the Airbus from Eurowings Professional - fine - everthing works. So it's not the airac. It has to do something with PSS. Any help ?
  9. bvthadden

    ILS Problems in EDDS rwy 07

    Hello,Today I have bought the Airbus Pro Collection. So I tried then an ILS approach in Stuttgart, Germany (EDDS) at the runway 07. The ILS freq of the 07 is 110.9 (ISTE). I have entered in the FMC the ILS freq on the RAD NAV page. Also I selected the runway 07 on the F-PLAN Page. But somehow, the Aircraft doesn't catch the localizer. I do not know if this is a problem with the navdata cycle (0513) or not. Some days ago, I already approach the 07 ( but with the Airbus from Eurowings Professional 2004 )and it worked well.By the way, I have also problems to enter the ZFW in the FMC. The external load editor gives a a ZFW of 42608 kg for an empyt A320 Aircraft ( withoout passengers and freight ). I always got an out of range error. I tried to enter it in tonns ( 42,608t) as I do it with the PSS A330 and A340. Greetings Bodo
  10. Hi Jim,yes, i am running the freeware anti-virus programm Antivir. The funny thing is, that it had worked some days ago, I did not change anything ( well I have update the virus definition of Antivir , that's all).It sais fail to download the data, and always try to reconnect to the server.Bodo
  11. HelloI am unable to connect my ASV to the Hifi DataNet. I have disabled all firefalls, restartet ASV. Few days ago, it worked very well.Any solution ?Greetings from GermanyBodo von Thadden
  12. bvthadden

    payment question

    Hello,I live in Germany and have no credit card ? I would like to buy the new 800/900 Version. I have already the 737 NG boxed Version. Is there perhabs another possibility to pay ? ( Bank Transfer from Germany, Paypal )Greetings BodoE-mail :