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  1. Hello,this question and request goes mainly to the forum moderators.I did a search for two topics named "A Dash line pilots thoughts... (this is crazy long)" and "A Dash line pilots thoughts...episode 2 (long)" posted by Mike S KPDX on Jan. 15, 2003 and Jan. 25, 2003 respectively. However, it appears that all posts dated before the end of April 2004 have been removed.Unfortunately, the printouts I had, have been accidentally destroyed. I would greatly appreciate it, if you could recover these two postings to this forum. They really provide lots of qualitative information, imho.Many thanks in advance,Nikos Oikonomidis
  2. Hi Victor,IVAO multi-player traffic does indeed appear in the NG's navigation display. This feature exists from the first public beta of the client program. I suggest you download the latest version of IVAP and read its documentation. A good place to look for a solution to your problem is their forum.Fly safe,Nikos
  3. >Way more to do, alignment, color changes, etc., so don't expect to>fly this one too soon... we'll wait ;-) and that's for sure!Thanks in advance for this awesome livery!Regards,Nikos Oikonomidis
  4. Gentlemen thanks a lot!As expected, once again first-class service. Looking forward to the official update.Best regards,Nikos Oikonomidis
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