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    One for the FMC die hards

    Hi Brad,Good to "see" you poppin' in here. No confusion at all, it all makes pretty well sens!Like I wrote in a previous posting, "logics" tells me that it must be possible to create a waypoint relative to BN02 (in your example). That the sim does not simulate is, means no problem at all. We work around is. Regarding the FMC manual: in you can spare time I would say: yes please.Many thanks again!Regards,Michel
  2. Fellow pilots,Here's one I can't seem to figure out today. Not even sure whether it's possible at all but let's give it a shot:On my way to the arriving airport, I'm on heading 130 to VOR ABC. The VOR is located on the field but 10 miles before x-ing I wanna go down wind on a heading of 200. Programming the FMC with ABC310/10, which gives the reference point ABC01 on the FMC. But now I want to program the next waypoint, let's say 10 miles out of ABC01 on a heading of 200. From there to base and finally to the rwy extension point for runway 02.Anyone who can get me on track here?Thanks and regards,Michel
  3. makraan

    One for the FMC die hards

    Pilots,Thanks for answers at this moment. However I'm a little persistent because I have the feeling (no pilot or FMC guru) that IRL this must be possible.Don't get me wrong: I'm fine without this feature but I'm very curious whether this function is possible. I included a little drawing (not to scale) to visualize what I'm talking about. The red coloured dashed lines are the ones!Replies are most welcome!Regards,Michel
  4. makraan

    One for the FMC die hards

    Thanks Goran, but that was not the question. I know it must be possible to create a second user defined waypoint after creating the first. The first waypoint should be used as reference for the second one, yet to be created although I can't find out how. "Logics" tells me that, in my example, the line in the scratchpad could be as follows: ABC01200/15 in which ABC01 is the first user defined waypoint, 200 is the heading from that particular waypoint and /15 is the distance from that waypoint. However the FMC mentions "not in database".Maybe some real drivers or FMC-experts can join in?Thanks,Michel
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    How the flight starts out....

    Hi Kris,First of all, good to see some real life drivers on the forum. I'm not an often poster, but learn a lot from the PMDG guys and real drivers like you and Timothy. I'm very interested in how you bring your 300 bird up in the air. So if you're willing to describe the exact procedure, please do!With regards to flying a SID yourself, does this happen or do you let "the machinery" do the job for you all the time.Very interested in your reply.Tnx and regards,Michel
  6. Gents,It's getting better and better almost every day!Many thanks for your valueable contribution. It's appreciated!Regards,Michel
  7. makraan

    Tutorial nearing completion

    Thanks Timothy for the annoucnement. Looking forward to read your stuff this weekend.Best regards,Michel
  8. makraan

    Load Manager in FS2k2

    Fellow pilots,After flying the 700 on my own for a few weeks (thnaks to Fred and Timothy fot their great tutorials) I decided to put some pax in by using the load manager. However, loading the NG is not that simple. I suffered extreme pith-problems. Searching the forum showed me, that weight and balance is extremely important in order to load the plane properly. I tried various times but couldn't find the right answers.Is there anyone who has a "load schedule" which allows me to seat 140 pax with the correct amount of cargo?Thanks and regards,Michel
  9. makraan

    Tutorial for SU2

    Hi Timothy,Support you ideas regarding the payware adventures a lot. Because of guys like you we can use the product up to a reality level which was very unlikely a year ago. Especially the non precission approaches have my interest, of course with the "high tech" aids we have on board. Maybe it's possible to clearify the various options we have based on real world procedures.For now, enjoy the holidays (if you have any) and hope to see some results (e.g. a manual and some payware adventures) next month.Regards,Michel
  10. makraan

    Framerate tip

    Hi Pete,Would you be so kind to post the URL of the MS forum where we can find the info regarding the "config trick"?Thanks and regards,Michel
  11. Although satisfying customers is "a hell of job" (believe me, I've been there!) let me tell you that the girl is fantastic; loving every minute of here.Now back to the question. The machine is full of computed possibilites but I feel the need to drive here myself WITH the help of the automated flight functions but without enabling them.Therefor my question what the possibilies are of the "magenta cross" (FD)in the PFD. Have been told that these are "command bars" but the way I see it now, both bars are always perfectly in the middle. Is there someone who can explain the functions of the FD in regard of controlling the plane yourself?Thanks and all the best with SU2!Michel
  12. makraan

    Flight Director possibilities

    Mats, Shaun and Ian,Many thanks for your prompt reply. Sometimes things are very easy. Just completed another testflight with the lady. Smooth as ever and let the bars lead me for a while. Final approach completely flown by hand. Isn't she lovely...Regards,Michel
  13. makraan

    Load Manager in FS2k2

    Bump ...
  14. makraan

    Load Manager in FS2k2

    Craig,Just "fooled around" with the load manager (2002) and checked the stats in the aircraft file. All figures on your picture match with mine however the station_load is quite different. This is what I get:700 "single" with no pax/cargo://station_load.0=0.000, 0.000, 0.000, 0.000//700 "single" with 140 pax, fw cargo 3050 and aft cargo 3300//station_load.0=31550.000, 0.000, 0.000, 0.000//Unfortunately I cannot interpret the figures. Can you (or one of the others of course) tell me whether the figures in the CFG file are correct with above mentioned settings?Thanks again,Michel
  15. makraan

    Load Manager in FS2k2

    Dear Lefteris,The CFG information given by me in previous post was before adding pax and cargo. Because with pax/cargo the plane bumped with her nose up and down in the air. That's why I used the load manager to empty the plane again. To avoid misunderstanding, please find below the "weight and balance" section of the CFG-file without pax/cargo. Please note I use the Dutch configuration with a comma for decimals (in case this is useful information for you to determin the cause). If there is more needed, just let me know.Regards,Michel======================================[WEIGHT_AND_BALANCE]reference_datum_position= 52.730, 0.000, 2.120empty_weight_CG_position=-48.170, 0.000, 0.000max_number_of_stations=50empty_weight=83000.000empty_weight_roll_MOI=1411540.000empty_weight_pitch_MOI=1821510.000empty_weight_yaw_MOI=1518876.000empty_weight_coupled_MOI=230.000//station_load.0=0.000, 0.000, 0.000, 0.000//max_gross_weight=153500.000CG_forward_limit=0.133CG_aft_limit=0.330
  16. makraan

    Load Manager in FS2k2

    Lefteris,Not sure whether I understood your remark. The original CFG-file after the installation of your package, I cannot send you. However I can send the contents of the file after adding pax/cargo. Please inform me what you need to look into it.Regards,Michel
  17. makraan

    Load Manager in FS2k2

    Lefteris,Attaxhed file seems to have vanished somehow. PLease find below the weight and balance section from the CFG file.Regards,Michel===================================================[WEIGHT_AND_BALANCE]reference_datum_position= 52.730, 0.000, 2.120empty_weight_CG_position=-48.170, 0.000, 0.000max_number_of_stations=50empty_weight=83000.000empty_weight_roll_MOI=1411540.000empty_weight_pitch_MOI=1821510.000empty_weight_yaw_MOI=1518876.000empty_weight_coupled_MOI=230.000//station_load.0=0.000, 0.000, 0.000, 0.000//max_gross_weight=153500.000CG_forward_limit=0.133CG_aft_limit=0.330[fuel]Center1= -44.870, 0.000, -2.800, 4299.000, 0.000LeftMain= -51.380, -16.000, -0.800, 1288.000, 0.000RightMain=-51.380, 16.000, -0.800, 1288.000, 0.000fuel_type=2.000000number_of_tank_selectors=1
  18. makraan

    Load Manager in FS2k2

    Lefteris,See CFG file attached (the plain 700 version). Please note that the file is based on no pax/cargo.Thanks and regards,Michel
  19. makraan

    Load Manager in FS2k2

    Thanks Craig. Will hopefully be fixed with the upcoming Service Update.Regards,Michel
  20. Fellow pilots,Today I started to check out AS2002 freeware version. Adjusted the FSUIPC (2.975) settings but... no surfacewinds on take off and landing. The METAR line however indicates that there should be surfacewinds. When I change to the standard FS weather, the correct surfacewinds are present.Can someone help me out on this one please?Regards,Michel Cranefeld
  21. Jim,Thanks for your prompt reply. Just downloaded your "novice" tool. Try it coming weekend. Feedback follows.Regards,Michel
  22. makraan

    An APU problem???

    Fellows,Just installed the bird from scratch with the 1.1 update. Did not encounter any problems at all. With Fred's tutorial beside me, started the battery and after that, switched the APU. There comes the fun:After abt. 30 seconds the APU sounds come through and the bird starts to jump up and down the platform like it goes completely out of mind. Remember I only started the APU...Any ideas?Tnx and regards,Michel Kraneveldt
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    John,The NAVdata page has a link to a separate downloadpage which opens in a new window. Choose the first link "767PIC & PMDG 737NG" and start the download. Extract the ZIP-file and execute the file. Installation goes automatically and will create a directory FMCWP directly under the FS2002 main directory. This will do the job (at least it did on my system).Regards,Michel
  24. makraan

    An APU problem???

    Took Ray's advise: start the C&D situation which comes with the plane. Stop the enigine by pulling down the Fuel cut-off switches. Give the engines a little time to spool down and "re-save". Could not re-produce the problem!Thanks to Ray and the other captains!Regards,Michel