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  1. Hello, I have a Hagstrom KE-USB108 usb keyboard encoder and only the first HAT switch is usable. It allows a total of 4 and all of the hats/buttons show up in LINDA, but I can only use HAT 1. HAT's 2, 3 and 4 do not work. Any ideas? Thank you.
  2. Nevermind -- got it working.
  3. Hello, the DC-9 module does not seem to work for me. Only a few functions work -- autopilot on button, course knob and the radios. The LCD displays the heading, altitude, speed, etc. The NGX 737 and iFly work fine. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot and/or fix? I have the MCP combo II. Thanks. David
  4. Hello, I have my main computer which is fine for everyday tasks, but would like to build a faster one for FSX. I would like to just build a fast system and just network it so I can keep my monitor, hardware etc. on the main machine and just run FSX from the faster one. Is this possible? Thanks, David
  5. Andy, Finally just received one. It has a converter plug for a U.S. outlet that plugs into the round plugs of the unit. However, I thought that these were 240 volts and the U.S. uses 110 volts. Will this work or do I need a different converter? Thank you. David
  6. B777ER, Was it the Boeing type mcp from fspilotshop? I spoke with them a day or two earlier and they were out of stock and not expecting any for some time. Thanks David
  7. Alright, just to clarify though -- are the VRinsight online prices in euro's? and any idea what shipping would cost to the States?
  8. Andy, Great. Thanks for the info. Can you recommend where to buy or is it better to purchase from the Vrinsight online shop? Thank you. David
  9. Can LINDA send autopilot data (heading, altitude, vs, etc.) to the LCD for any add-on aircraft? David
  10. Andy, After looking at the .pdf again, does the boeing MCP work with all the listed aircraft? The 'A' remarks just mean that that particular add-on uses key commands instead of the VRinsight driver? If so, then I think it will cover most of the ones I use. Thanks for all of the help. David
  11. Andy, thanks for the link -- I must have missed it on VRinsights website. It seems the boeing type only works with a few of the 'A' marked add-ons? Is this correct -- if so I am looking for a more universal control setup, I don't need the LCD readouts to work on everything. Is there a way to make it work with more add-ons using key commands, FSUIPC mouse macro etc? Thanks again David
  12. I posted in the hardware forum with no luck yet. First, does any place stock it in the U.S.? FSpilotshop and PC aviator do not stock it. Will it work with PMDG, iFly, Wilco 737 and Coolsky DC-9/Super 80 products as well as any others? Thanks David
  13. Hello, Where can I get the VRinsight MCP Combo II Boeing type in the U.S.? Fspilotshop is out of stock. Has anyone ordered directly from VRinsight in Korea and how/much did it take/cost to get? Thanks David
  14. I would like better sharpness/readability on add-on aircraft panels, i.e. Coolsky DC-9 widescreen 2/iFly 737/PMDG 737 NGX, etc. Currently I have a 27" 1920 x 1080 monitor. Would the Dell UltraSharp 27" or 24" look sharper? Thanks. Dave
  15. Thanks, but I have talked to goflight and they don't know what is wrong. I have emailed wilco support and have yet to receive a reply. I'm hoping someone else has figured it out. thanks again, David
  16. Hello, I just got the GoFlight standard autopilot panel and it keeps freezing when usinig Wilco 737 pic (both FS9 and 10). Basically the led readouts lag behind the actual setting and finally after a few minutes the whole panel stops responding/controlling the sim. The default planes and Ifly 737 work fine. I've tried different usb ports along with some add-on cards and powered hubs with no luck. Any ideas on how to get it to work. Thanks David
  17. I am trying to install Wilco's 737 PIC in FSX with win7/64. It works, but I don't have any 2d panel options in the aircraft select menu. I only have 3 choices which load into the virtual cockpit, I then have to select the 2d panels from the 'views' menu and disable the VC. Is this normal?Thanks
  18. Just got the iFly 737 -- looks good so far. However, is there a way to increase the brightness for the virtual cockpit? It looks good i guess when sunlight is hitting it, but if you turn away, it gets a bit dim. ThanksDave
  19. How do I update the FMS nav data? -- I have been away from the hobby for awhile. I tried a few searches with no luck. thanks
  20. Are you wanting to setup both drives as a raid for FSX only, or the entire system?In general to set up RAID, you will need to enable it in the BIOS and select the type (e.g. raid 0 or 1, etc.). Then configure/format it and then continue with installing Windows on the RAID partition -- not each drive as it contains both drives.
  21. Thanks for the advice, I think I will go with the regular version.
  22. Allright, I think I have my new build hardware finallized, except the drives. It's a dual use home system and for FSX so I would like to setup at least a raid 1 (mirror) for redundancy. Is it possible to have a raid 1 setup (2 drives) for the operating system and program files and just install FSX on a 3rd single non-array velociraptor drive or similar for better speed? Or, would an all in one raid 1+0 with 4 drives work better? Thanks everyone for all of the advice recently!-- edit, I'm not worried if I the FSX drive should fail, because I can just re-install if needed.David
  23. I'm looking at getting an i7-950 and the ASUS P6X58 board. Should I get the regular or premium one and what is different between the two? ThanksDavid
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