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  1. Chesney

    FU3-UKS update

    Finally found time to download Duxford. Installed it following the instructions in the zip - back to random crashes. I guess I must be missing a model/models required by the package.Just had a brilliant(!) thought. Try using RobD's modelcheck program. So I installed it, initialised it as per the readme file and it did not produce an ini file. Checked Duxford anyway and got "Access violation at address 004048CA in module modelcheck.exe. Read o address 00309575"So copied Rob's ini file - program would not run of course, the directories were wrong. So edited the ini file to give the correct directories, ran it again and got the "access violation" problem again.Am I doing something wrong or is there an updated version of this program?For the time being I have removed Duxford and restored my previous setup. OK again with no ctd's.Ches
  2. Chesney

    FU3-UKS update

    Hi Agtim,Thanks for the advice, herewith the results.My UKS set is 14.4Gb (now 14.5Gb).Reloaded backup and checked - rock solid. I could not make it crash.To cut a long story short (I spent 2 evenings and half a day trying things and eliminating possibilities!), the main problem turned out to be the modelmip.tag file in UK-Southgen folder. My "rock solid" one is 64Mb - the one in the 2006 update is 2.5Mb. Presumably my setup uses a model/models in the big file that are not in the small one.I have now loaded all the rest of the 2006 update, checking that I only loaded new or updated files (with the exception of the modelmip.tag file! I left my 64Mb version in place) and I'm back to stable again.For complete stability I also had to remove the Duxford, Birmingham and BHX packages. Duxford wouldn't load at all and Birmingham froze on me. With them gone as far as I can tell my setup is rock solid again, and I am enjoying it immensely. Mind you, London drags my frame rate down to about 10 - on a 3 year old Athlon XP 3000+ with 1Gb of memory and an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro with 128Mb memory. Best wishes to all FU3 flyersChes
  3. Chesney

    FU3-UKS update

    UK_2006 UpdateBacked up my FU3UKS (all extra maps and the latest geotiles.tag - 100% stable over the last 6-9 months) and followed the install instructions.Good news and bad news.Yes, it loaded ran, and the scenery is great. BUT frequent and random CTD's.So turned distant mountains off - no better.Tried my old flt3.cfg file - no better.Remembered somewhere someone saying you needed one airport in regionsseattle for FU to run ok, so restored sea - no better.The AI seems to have problems - this is one of several I saw when I did get things runningNo pic - it would not post. It showed a mustang embedded in the fuselage of an airliner.Most of the ctd's were occuring during AI loading, so turned AI down to minimum. Slightly better, but still many ctd's.Symptoms are the main program will load, but after I choose a plane and site it ctd's on loading. However, not always. Sometimes it will load ok and I can change location 2 or 3 times, then crash on the next change.So had a serious look at all the files in the update to see what has changed and tried restoring some to the originals (not the bins and mips, I left them alone).1 removed resreg.res from rootengpile (left it in UK_Southengpile) - no change.2 restored old models.res to engpile - no change.3 restored old tertsnds.res to genpile - no change.Couldn't see any other likely candidates.Any ideas, anyone?Ches
  4. Hi allA "problem" for the technical people.Can you set up FU3 with multiple screens?We have been working on building a flight sim for the local Air Cadet squadron quite a bit just lately, and it is coming along nicely. The computer is assembled and running with two projectors and a screen for the instruments, the frame for mounting the cockpit (chopped from an old chipmunk) is made and the cockpit is sitting on it, but not yet fixed. Lots to do, but the light is showing at the end of the tunnel.So far we have only loaded FS2004. We can have the main ahead view PLUS the left and right quarter views up at once to give a very wide screen view. In theory we could have the 90deg views as well (5 views in all), but it would need a wrap-around screen and would put a very heavy load on the processor/graphics.What I want to know is, is it possible to do something similar in FU3? If not I can't see anyone wanting to use FU3 - they will all want the more realistic view. With the Air Cadet Vigilant now available in FU3 (thanks again Glidernut for your efforts, help and guidance) it would be great to use our favourite sim as a training aid for them. Certainly the flight characteristics are much more realistic than anything available in FS9.Any ideas?Ches
  5. A new aircraft in the library!This is an Air Cadet Vigilant constructed by Glidernut and myself.Hopefully (knowing my problems with posting pictures) here is a pic of it. The included notes give some information on performance and locations of squadrons using the aircraft.Enjoy!Ches and Glidernut
  6. Chesney

    Posting problem

    I don't understand the problem either.I've tried the Avsim forum help link at the top of the page several times and it always times out leaving me with the Microsoft search page. Not very helpful!But at least I can post pictures, even if it is a bit convoluted.Ches
  7. Chesney

    Posting problem

    Hurray! I've found a way to post pics!!!That one is the new Vigilant over Chivenor.Ches
  8. Chesney

    Posting problem

    I use IE6 - haven't tried Firefox yet. Have switched off my cookiewall program so here are the 2 pictures Agtim posted successfully. Fingers crossed!!That did not work.Switched off the firewall (Zonealarm) this time.That did not work.Switched off the antivirus this time.That did not work.Just copied the url by hand this time. Ches
  9. Hi all,My problem is I cannot post pictures. I have used Paintshop Pro and Photoplus 10 to produce the jpg
  10. Chesney

    Air Cadet Vigilant

    Hi allSorry Glidernut. I tried with a jpg sized to 512 X 384 and optimised to 40 Kbytes, and got the identical error message. I really can't understand it. Avsim uploads the file and gives it a number, but then crashes when I hit the post button.And yes, e-mail received ok. Response coming soon.Ches
  11. Chesney

    Air Cadet Vigilant

    I think you have got at least part of the answer, Agtim. I set the five pictures to 640 X 480 and optimised them as jpeg's to about 30 Kbytes each, so the total was probably over 150Kbytes. I thought the limit applied to each individual picture, not the total. (I also think of poor people like me who are still on dial-up!) So as a trial, I posted as an answer three of the original pictures to supplement Glidernut's. And got a long winded gobbledook error message:- (Following query failed: SELECT m.*, as u_id, u.g_id,, u.pb, u.pc,,, u.ub, u.uc,, u.uj, u.username as author, u.num_posts, u.num_votes, u.points, UNIX_TIMESTAMP(m.last_date) as last_date, UNIX_TIMESTAMP(m.mesg_date) as mesg_date, UNIX_TIMESTAMP(m.edit_date) as edit_date, UNIX_TIMESTAMP(u.reg_date) as reg_date FROM 130_mesg as m LEFT JOIN dcuser as u ON m.author_id = WHERE = ). So, I converted One picture to 800 X 600 and optimised to about 40 Kbytes. And got the same.So no pictures from me. Seems I'm limited to text only.I look forward to seeing the Mirage. And I'd love to fly it over Switzerland!Ches
  12. I tried posting this with pictures incorporated (twice), then with pictures attached. Nothing appeared. So this time I am trying without pictures. Everything appears to go normally right up to hitting the "post" button, and as far as I can tell everything is ok. Anyone got any ideas?"A while back we had a preview of Glidernut's new aircraft with the patented Glidernut door opening system. The whole project started when I said it would be great to have a flyable Air Cadet Vigilant (a modified Grob G109B motor glider) to fly at Chivenor, where there is an Air Cadet Squadron using them. Glidernut contacted me and offered to do the external 3D models and the F4 virtual cockpit views if I did the F2/F3 views. Naturally with him doing the hard stuff I jumped at it. To whet your appetites the attached pictures show progress to date. The model is flying well and looks good - especially the F5 views. I think Glidernut is doing a fantastic job! Hopefully there is not much left to do, just refining some of the instruments and a few odds and ends."Ches
  13. Chesney

    *** SANFRAN 2006 RELEASED ***

    Hi Chris!Installed and ran SanFran 2006 and Ansgar's AI update last night.Fantastic! I hardly used SanFran before, but this has revived my interest in flying in the area - I shall use it a lot more in future.Congratulations to all who had an input.Ches
  14. Hi Glidernut,The Sea King is great!Just two questions.1. Where can I get one (or two, or three!) for my Chiv setup.2. How do you get static models flying in formation? 3. (Fooled you!) where did you get the picture of the Syerston hangar?Ches
  15. Chesney

    UKS Chivenor

    Another shot on its way. Let me know if it works.Ches