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  1. You need to give some more info please.With what speed are you descending ?Is the speed controlled via the FMC by enabling "LNAV" or isthe speed controlled via de MCP via LvChg or speed hold ??Regards,Niek
  2. Hi Gavin,I believe so. You problably won't be the only person with a differentoperations system i.e. Windows 98 or with Flightsim 2000 (SB3 onlyworks with FS2002 and FS2004). For both SB3 can't be used.So if it would be impossible to continue to use SB2.3, Vatsim wouldforce a lot of people to either upgrade there computer operatingsystem or there FS version.Best regards,Niek
  3. Hi there,By using link underneath you can find a whole list of airlines andVA airlines, with there respective radio callsigns and the three letter ICAO code to be used in your flight plan.For example I am flying for Eurostar VA, so my radio callsign is "Eurostar 228" in my flightplan it will be ESA228. A lot of pilots do mistake the Iata two letter abbreviations instead of the ICAO three letter abbreviation i.e. KL123 (IATA) instead of KLM123 (ICAO)Hope this helps,Best regards,Niekhttp://www.whatreallycounts.net/vacallsigns/
  4. Hi,Yes the answer is SB3, at least we can drop SB relay and all therest in to the bin.Haven't been flying on line for more than half a year now due tosame problems (not seeing other traffic), after a while I gave upand waited for the release of SB3, and today is the day !!!Happy landings,Niek
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