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  1. I have the 747-400 Queen of the Sky already installed.I just purchased the 737NG 600/700, and it says that it should be installed before the 747.Do I have to uninstall the 747 first ???And then Install the 737, and then reinstall the 747 ????If I have to uninstall the 747, is there a uninstalling tool available ????RegardsGilles Dubois
  2. Just did the KBFI-KLAX Tutorial Flight.Everything operates perfectly, from takeoff to landing.I tried the trial version before the release, and I had many problems, but I could not find any with the new release.This baby lands perfectly, no "bobbing" at cruise, VC lights are there and once you have gone through the tutorial from page 1 to page 63, everything is perfect.I had to get the ZFW from the FS aircraft fuel load menu, it was not in the tutorial.Regards to all at PSS, you have a winner.Gilles DuboisVAC2525Captain Heavy
  3. Does anyone know in which file I could find the default AFCAD for FS2004. I would like to delete the default one for CYYZ to see if the AFCAD2 for CYYZ by SimFlyer would show up in FSNav map.I did run the FSNavDBC program, but FSNav still show the default map.This is the same for all airport addons.
  4. Thanks SamAs you can see on the nest reply, your suggestion did fix my problem.But now when I go to KSTL, St Lambert Intl at St Louis, for which I have an Addon scenery for that airport, I find the USS Hornet parked at one of the gates. I guess I found the culprit. KSTL scenery is the culprit. I have a choice to make. Either Task Force 16 or KSTL airport.ThanksRegardsGilles Dubois
  5. THANK YOU SAMI usually make a separate folder for each of my Addon sceneries.I find this easier to maintain. In this case, by placing the *.bgl files directly into the 'scenery' folder and the textures directly into the 'texture' folder, it fixed the problemk.I don't understand why, but what the hech, it works.Thanks againRegardsGilles Dubois
  6. I installed the Task Force 16 scenery and when I go to CV8 Airport which is the Hornet, my B25 is sit on top of a 'JETWAY' in the middle of the ocean. And the other carrier VN25 is the same, a "JETWAY". There is a battleship in the area and another carrier which I can see.Anyone has a solution for this problem ?RegardsGilles Duboishttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/107254.jpg
  7. Thanks Zane,I will try this, the Enroute Traffic Instructions box was enabled.Although this give some sense of reality, at least I have a choice.Thanks again for you rapid response. It is appreciated.RegardsGilles Dunois
  8. Zane,I purchased VoxATC and use it with long IFR flights.Flight from CYYZ (Toronto Pearson) to CYHZ (Halifax Intl)AirBus A320, at FL390, flight time 2 hours.Departure SID and STAR filled out, everything just wonderful.Enroute, around YSJ Vor, ATC routed me in a complete 360 degree circle and resume Fly Plan. I beleive it was an emergency.Again, just before MLT Vor, ATC routed me in a 360 degree patern, and then resume Fly Plan. I don't mind maybe once, but twice in the same flight. I was 21 minutes late for arrival at Halifax.I though I let you know and have some of your comments.The program is well done and I enjoyed it very much, once you learned how to set SID and STAR properly.Also, I noticed that VoxATC do not use the STAR approach for the airport, but it bring you in right on a dime and also use ILS approach runways.ThanksRegardsGilles DuboisOntario, Canada
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