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  1. Where I was having this problem was descending into KATL around FL180-FL200, so I set up a descent not using the saved flight and all went well, it's very odd.
  2. Also, would it help to tune down the cloud density and percentage?After having gone totally default as far as cloud and sky textures go, I still have this same problem. I am using the same saved flight where this started occuring, just switching between default and addon aircraft to see if I find a link in them, could the saved flight itself be the problem? Perhaps the sim isn't having issues, it is just that particular flight file? Because just last week I was flying though heavy-density overcast skies with complex addon aircraft, with Flight Environment, and with ASv6 without any issues, and this problem just sprang up within the last flight or two. I haven't added any addons since last week, nor have I changed anything in FS's settings. Right now I don't have time to get a full, long flight going to test, I just test right now in periods when I find time or I'd try it, but is that a possibility?
  3. 1. Yes2. No, stays about 80 degrees C which is about what it has always run at.3. It should.4. 80 miles5. No6. YesI run my system at 1680x1050 resolution, if it makes a difference. However, it used to this with only AS running, now it is doing it more and more without AS, so now I'm leaning towards a problem with FE cloud textures. I'll let you know if anything else develops.
  4. Hello, I have had ASv6 running with FS9 for a while now, however, for some reason I've been having this exact problem:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...ing_type=searchI've tried the Render to Texture and 32-bit clouds, but FS still freezes after a while, however it only happens when flying into heavily-cloud-laden skies, if I'm flying in clear conditions with or without AS, all runs fine. I've tried this with no 3rd-party sceneries or AFCADs with the same result, system specs are Intel Core 2 Duo E6600, Nvidia 7800GT graphics, 2GB RAM, 180GB hard drive where FS is installed. I also have installed GE Pro and Flight Environment textures, I use no ASG textures.
  5. Hello. I have a question that hopefully someone can answer.I bought Walk and Follow 3 days ago, requested activation, and still haven't received a reply. Apparently, I'm not alone as someone else from a different forum I asked on has been waiting for a few weeks with no response. And it also seems that IGFly doesn't respond to e-mails. So my question is, did I just buy an addon that I will never be able to activate, or is there a different way or avenue to activate it (legally of course)?
  6. I've got ActiveSky 6, however the weather was fairly light on this flight and on flights with every other addon I have, even in more turbulent weather, I have not had this problem, their autopilots fly very smoothly.
  7. Hello, I have the most recent patched version of the 747 for FS9, I'm running Windows Vista, and my issue is that when I am in cruise, I have my autopilot on and set to LNAV and VNAV, and every once in a while, my nose will start pitching up and down wildly until I reset the autopilot. If I let it go without intervention, the autopilot switches off VNAV mode and goes to Speed Hold mode. Then the aircraft slows and eventually starts to stall. This wouldn't be so bad, except that I also leave my computer for hours on end sometimes while the aircraft flies and I can't always be there to correct the autopilot. How can I fix this problem so that the aircraft will just fly on its own like I'd like it to?
  8. Hello.While trying to merge the Ready for Pushback 747 panel with the POSKY 747v4 models in FSX, I found that the autopilot gauge causes massive fuel consumption (like from 100% to 0% in 2 minutes). The gauge is written in an older format that FS Panel Studio cannot fully decode. Is there a program that can fully open older FS2002 gauges for editing so I can see if I can fix the problem?
  9. So I don't even have to download anything manually, ASX just realizes that the date/time in FSX is a couple hours behind and automatically updates? If so, I must say that this is a great improvement over AS6 and just made me love ASX even more. :)
  10. Hey guys, I noticed that the historic weather downloading in ASX is much different than AS6. In ASX I seem to be able to only download one hour at a time to load and it doesn't seem to have a way of creating a file which automatically loads the next hour, then the next, so on as the sim progresses hour by hour like AS6. Is there a way to getting it to do this that I am missing? If so, how do I sync it with sim time, not system time?
  11. I'm sorry it has been over a week since the last update, but I do have some new previews:Since the last update, I have slanted the blue line at the front (it still needs a little more modification though), I have lightened the metal, and have added new windows and door/cargo door details.I still have to add the starboard-side baggage doors and some other minor details, dirt masks, a detailed alpha channel, and wing and engine textures.Once all of this is complete, I will begin work on the earlier N739PA "Clipper Morning Light" and a non-SCD "Clipper Maid of the Seas."
  12. I know of the several livery formats, and I intend to keep the quality of the aircraft. That's why this project will take several months, if not longer to complete. A lot of it is painting a livery format, then adjusting the Clipper titles and registration, then making whatever detail changes need to be made. The only thing that may not be entirely accurate is dirt masking, I will only be able to create a few to cover the entire fleet.I'm doing it because I have a great passion for the Pan Am 747 fleet. Of course, because resources are limited, every single livery and name combo won't be able to be created. Another thing that happened are planes that shared the same names, in which case, I will choose just one to paint. I may get exhausted as the project progresses and may decide to reduce the number of aircraft I'm painting, or paint some initially, go paint something else, then start another batch of PA 747s. But ultimately, I'd like each name, each registration number, and each livery format to be represented at least once. More the more historical aircraft, they may get more variations, i.e. N739PA and N736PA. N739PA was involved in the worst mid-air bombing in history, and N736PA was the first 747 to make a commercial service and was later involved in the single-deadliest day in aviation history. My initial goals aren't set in stone, but they are more or less a guideline of what I'd like to do, or get close to doing.
  13. Hello, I was wondering about a few things related to bump mapping. Can they be applied to any aircraft in FSX, how do I make one, and how do I apply one to a texture? If they can't be used with any aircraft, does anyone know if they can be used with the POSKY 747V4?
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