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  1. Robert Kirkland

    Remember Virginia

    Don thank you for posting. To all others I severally edited this thread. I am an alumnus of Viriginia Tech and have been personally effected by this tragedy with the loss of the grandaughter of a close friend. Please remember all those who have lost their lifes in this world too soon due to violence, war or disease in your thoughts and prayers. May we someday have a world where no parent ever has to bury their child.May we all find peace in our hearts and our souls.
  2. Robert Kirkland

    Video Forum gone?

    Yes we do have an agreement with MS so that is a moot issue. The issue at hand is the use of copyrighted material belonging to others who have not given permission to AVSIM or to the video author.
  3. Robert Kirkland

    FSX haters you need your own forum

    Guys enough of this
  4. LouieLet me respond very simply. AVSIM has not and will not lose its objectivity on any FS product regardless of whether the developer is a sponsor or an advertiser or for any other reason.We are interested in having MS as a sponsor at the conferences because they are the major player in this hobby. In fact, without MSFS a large portion of this hobby would not exist.AVSIM has always has taken a position that there has to be a seperation between the editorial side of AVSIM and the business side. That is the reason that review staff works without any input from the business side. I know that in the almost 10 years we have been doing this that not a single reviewer has ever been asked to change anything they said because a company or a person complained. We have and will correct errors in a review, if we missed something. We will never make a change because the developer is unhappy with the review.Be assured that Avsim will review FSX with the same honesty we have reviewed all of the earlier versions.As for you comment that any article constitutes a review, I dispute that. That is about as accurate as saying the fact your local paper reports that Jaguar is releasing a new model, talking about its features, that they have in fact endorsed the car. It is news and nothing more.
  5. Answer a question for me. Why do some of you think that the rules of these forums do not apply to you and when you are asked to do so you act like petulant children. These are not public forums nor are you paying for the privilege to use them. These forums are brought to you at no expense and through the long hours our volunteers put in. All we ask is that you abide by a few simple rules. My attitude right now is if you do not like our rules then take your postings some where else. As of right now we are instructing the moderators to strictly enforce the forums rules with no exceptions.Robert KirklandChief Operating OfficerAVSIM
  6. Robert Kirkland

    How's the 757 going?

    Garry your conduct in the forum is coming very close to the edge. This is a support forum If you can't ask a support question then don't post. I hope that I am clear that your current conduct will not be tolerated. So clean up your act or bye-bye.
  7. Robert Kirkland

    Project Mach 2 Concorde issue...

    Shad you should take to heart Zane's comment. Without FSUIPC in both its registered and unregistered formats most of the features that are available for 3rd party aircraft would not be possible. There is a real need for you to get the facts before sounding off on this issue.
  8. Robert Kirkland

    Can't find this file...

    I just did a quick search in the Library on Bovee and got this
  9. Robert Kirkland

    Whats the deal with UT:EU

    Bruce(reverse thrust), your conduct again has crossed any reasonable test of humanity and you have been found wanting. You are here by banned for conduct unbecoming a human, failure to provide a legitmate e-mail address when registering and failure to provide your full name. Please go away and take your childish behavior with you.
  10. Guys not sure what the problem is exactly for each of you. The sever has been hammered because of the Canary Island download and that is causing some of the issues. It should let up in a day or so. For those with long term problems we have had no wide spread reports of the same. Send an e-mail to, with all your particulars and we will see what we can find
  11. Robert Kirkland

    FSX Annotator Request

    Wingnut I suggest that you find a more polite manner of speaking to your fellow simmers or find another place to postWarning enough? I hope so.
  12. Robert Kirkland

    Ariane 737

    The answer folks is NO!! Ariane does not and will not advertise at AVSIM
  13. Robert Kirkland

    I probably missed something... (Adobe Traffic Pack)

    Mike Neal asked that I post this for him as the thread has been locked. Thanks Mike it was a pleasure working with you.After e-mail discussion at length with Robert, I think we're finally at a good point of understanding now. The position Avsim has taken above and in e-mail to myself satisfies my questions and concerns about their stance on copyright infringement that it is not to be tolerated, condoned, or supported in the slightest, and that the type of communication I took issue with is an isolated incident that is now in the past. I look forward to contributing at Avsim in the future and am hopeful that everyone involved can put this behind us and focus on developing, supporting, and enjoying the hobby that brings us all together. As for the issues of copyright infringement concerning the packages that started this whole mess, I am hopeful too that the individuals -- named and unnamed -- will take the opportunity to follow the letter of the law as well as common decency, and that quality packages can continue to grow with integrity by those who develop, support, and enjoy these original works.
  14. Robert Kirkland

    I probably missed something... (Adobe Traffic Pack)

    Guys this is the final word on this subject and I will be locking this threadAVSIM neither officially or unofficially supports any form of piracy or copyright encroachment. In reading the posts I did not see anything that would indicate our staff did so. Mike merely expressed an opinion as to the content and problems with the product in question. Unfortunately there is no way to prevent individuals from downloading files from AVSIM or any other site and then compiling them into a new form. If the file Adobe Traffic Pack were posted at AVSIM we would remove it immediately. We have deleted the thread in order not to provide any publicity to the abusers of any copyright.We hope the creators of the ADOBE AI package get with the various authors and resolve these issues.And just so everyone is clear we have reminded our entire staff and I mean the entire staff of our policies and position on copyrights. We will not ever directly or indirectly support anyone who does not respect those rights.
  15. Robert Kirkland

    Pop-up on main page?

    Folks we have ID the problem and it is from something we did on WEBSTATS. We will have it fixed in a few hours Sorry for the inconvience.