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  1. Best of luck (see you on the FS9 forum soon :))
  2. "A good salesman never argues with a potential customer"... unless the salesman is in the flightsim community! ;)Freeware authors can swat people like flies if they choose. When they become commercial vendors they should put away their fly swat :-lol
  3. Hello :)The default planes can be very "quirky". I'd ditch that plane in favor of the one below:http://library.avsim.net/search.php?Search...=root&Go=SearchTry that and see if it's any better :D. If you don't like that, search for an alternative MelJet 777!
  4. Simflight.com did a poll, and FS9 users outnumber FSX users at almost 2-to-1!!!! Quote:"Feb 1 2008: Sorry folks, but with more than 4500 readers responding, the FS9 users win, with almost DOUBLE their number versus FSX users (57 % versus 31%)" (Simflight.com front page, and http://www.simflight.com/modules.php?name=...icle&sid=10107)"January 20 2008: Our poll on which Flight Simulator you use most today has almost reached 3500 replies ! And FS9 is still extending its lead over FSX, with 2/3 of all FS users still on the 'old' system today, more than a year after FSX's release. We'll repeat the poll in 6 months or so to see how things develop in this area. For now it seems there still is a market for FS9 add-ons!" (Source: http://www.simflight.com/modules.php?name=...icle&sid=10072)These reliable statistics are mirrored in the File Libraries. Over two-thirds of all freeware files are for FS2004 .....This is unquestionable proof that FS2004 users are in the majority. FS developers need to take note, and not bite off the hand that feeds them :)
  5. Hmmmm. I think Owen Hewitt summed it up well:"Francois (Dumas) makes some very valid statements that have been on my mind for quite some time.His analysis that the FS market is in a 3-way tier state is accurate and I'll summarize here:1) People who are completely new to the FS franchise with FSX being their first introduction who are not aware that an entire global online community exists that further supports this platform 2) A small group of experienced FS users who have made the move to FSX due to hardware upgrades, etc. and 3) A substantial portion of experienced FS users who either have chosen to remain with FS9 or have reverted back to it for a lack of being able to run FSX with current hardware."Source: http://polypoke.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!5...ECF01!778.entryI can't believe it's 50:50 already, especially when I look at the 75:25 ratio of FS9 to FSX files in the library!I think LDS are trying to encourage FS9 users to migrate to FSX. Nice plane, but no way am I going to put up with desertified airports and ground textures ....
  6. I have been one of their customers for some years. Even back in 2002 I had worries about their download system e.g. "What happens when PSS disappears, without warning?". I backed everything up, and my worries turned out to be fully justified!
  7. I merge the MelJet visual model with the PSS 777 FDE ... it works pretty well :).I can't believe that the Meljet 777 is five years old ...
  8. Does anyone remember the Pilot's TriStar (www.l1011tristar.com)? That was supposed to be released in 2004 or 2005. The news section hasn't been updated for three years ....
  9. >Wow. What a monumental #### up by MS. :-eek>"RE: SP-2 Casulties, by MD83, Dec 16th 2007""VinnieFSX - Registered on Dec 16th 2007"
  10. >Also the Phoenix web site is down too, any reasons?I think they have gone the way of the Dodo. It would have been nice if they had given some kind of "goodbye", or even an update :-roll
  11. This thread is a good idea! Let me thank the following people/groups for their efforts (In no particular order):Nick Prestwich: His Retro AI repaints are great!Ivan Hsu, for the indispensable MDLC program. I can convert most FS9 planes for use in FS2002Morten Krogstad: MK_MDLC windows utility.Kazunori Ito: This guy has released dozens of fantastic freeware aircraft.Mike Stone: The C-141 and C-5 better than people think :)Project Opensky: One of their 737NGs works perfectly well in FS2002, but my favorite is the 747 classics (version 3). Externally they are almost identical to the latest version (V4), but they don't have tons of XML features that I don't need. I also use FDEs from a period when POSKY FDEs were highly regarded ...Brett Hoskins, for his Russian fighters e.g. Su-11Melvin Rafi: His 747s and 777s are still going strong, nealr yfive years after their release! The 777s, in particular, are still very popular.David Maltby: Great BAC 1-11s, Tridents, and VC-10s :)Vladimir Zhyhulskiy: Great Russian freeware author!
  12. "A better question would be: Where's the QA Nvidia?Your video card driver sucks. I would bet dollars to donuts that you bought an NVidia 8800.There's nothing wrong with FSX."AND"It isn't FSX that is the problem. It is my hardware (and your hardware). My hardware isn't capable of doing what you want. But, FSX is capable of it."o_0
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