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  1. Thank you very much for your excellent support. Francisco
  2. Dear Nico, I used version 31.11.2 to generate the file MyMultRegcodesFromAtcids.txt since I have all my regcodes in the atc_id= of the aircraft.cfg file. Then I moved the file to the last version folder. Now I could not use it any more since it is expired since 32.0.0 It's any way to avoid that expiration or to generate the MyMultRegcodesFromAtcids.txt from aircraft.cfg? Best regards. Francisco
  3. Sorry Nico, I forget to include also HYM - HiSky (from Moldova) Best regars. Francisco
  4. Dear Nico, the following airline codes are missing: AKJ - Akasa Air BNZ - Bonza Airline WWP - Wingo Panama Best regards Francisco
  5. No there aren't any "panel.ini" file located in that folder. As far I know the only "ini" file used by blackbox is "UserSettings.ini" located in "C:\Users\your user\AppData\Roaming\BlackBox Simulation\Airbus Widebody Family"
  6. Thank you very much for your excellent support. Francisco
  7. Dear Nico, checking the log file of a flight starting from LSGG I found the following matching lines of the same aircraft OE-LKJ in the following order: EJU1402 OE-LKJ BCN->GVA EJU A319 =1= FSPXAI A319 EJU-easyJet_Europe EJU1402 OE-LKJ BCN->GVA EJU A319 =c= FSPXAI A319 EJU-easyJet_Europe EJU1402 OE-LKJ GVA->BCN EJU A319 =s= FSPXAI A319 EJU-easyJet_Europe Why the first time in match =1= (registration code), the second =c= and the thirt time as =s=? Best regards Francisco
  8. Thank you very much Nico. One last question. The directory "liveries" is empty but when I run PSXT it tell me that I have 2.693 liveries and in the log.txt I see that PSTX is matching correctly the liveries. Where is located the AI_liveries.xml file? Best regards Francisco
  9. Dear Nico, I have 2 repaints for A320 Easyjet Switzerland. One with Sharklets and one without. Each repaint have his own atc_ids but when I have a look to the Airline Data file both repaints are mix in just one line. It is that right? Best regards. Francisco
  10. Dear Nico, please include also the following icao codes: UJC - Ultimate Jetcharters JRC - JetAir Caribbean SIF - AirSial Best regards Francisco
  11. Dear Nico thank you very much for your excellent PSXseeconTraffic. This morning I started a flight from VHHH using RealTraffic 8.3.84 and ActiveSky for the real weather. For some reason RealTraffic was not supplying the QNH Stream so the landing aircraft were landing below the runway. Is there the possibility to input manually de QNH at the airport for the cases when RealTraffic is not supplying it. Best regards. Francisco
  12. Hello Nico, after installing v19.5 if I double click on "Start_PSXT64.bat" nothing happens. The content of the log file is just the following: "Sun Nov 22 14:49:09 2020 (utc) PSXT (64 bit) version 19.5 for Prepar3D v5" Rolling back to v 19.4 and then everything is back to normal. I'm using P3D v5.1 HF 1 Best regard Francisco
  13. Can you please add: WUK - Wizz Air UK KUP - SkyUp Airlines Cheers Francisco
  14. https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6305&t=125533 Francisco
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