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  1. Hey, is it me or are there truly no taxiway markers in FSX? If not,as it appears not,are there any add-on files available? Thanks for any help. B.K.
  2. If you had limited funds,which of the two would you buy or buy first? I am on a Dell P4,3.00ghz,1.00gb ram with large enough disc space. /thanks for any suggestions. BK
  3. Thanks for the responses but "duh to me", there was no problem with FSX;but there was with my over-all speaker system. Somehow all of the settings internally went haywire as shown when I ran Creative's diagnostics. Sooo, I shut everything down,disconnected my speaker system,re-connected,restarted,ran the diagnostics again and "presto", all is working great!! I hope this is of help to others. B.K.
  4. I am running FSX with Acceleration. Everything was going great. Now, all of a sudden when in spot view, the exterior sound is almost not audible unless I turn my sound all the way up; but the interior sound,like flaps, is very loud unless I turn the sound down to where I can not hear the engine sound. I have been running all versions of FS for years and I have never had this problem. What gives????
  5. Thanks for the advise. I am a week-end flyer and as soon as I am back in the air, I'll give your suggestion a try and let you know. B.K.
  6. This problem plagued me when I only had FSX. I uninstalled it,did a clean install, and added Accelerator X. Yet, although everything else runs smooth, when I go to instant replay, the playback seems to jump ahead,then runs smooth for a second and then jumps ahead. It is all herky-jerky. It even does this if I run the playback at slower speed. It is very annoying as I have made some great landings(if I should say so myself) without being able to enjoy the replay. Has anyone had this same problem and/or does anyone have any ideas how to correct the problem. Thank you. Bob K.
  7. Thanks for the quick response. By the way, my machine is a Model T compared to yours. I still enjoy flying but what you experience must be awesome. Thanks again. Bob K.
  8. This question may have already been addressed but I can not find. If I add Accelerator do I still need FSX patches 1&2? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Bob K.
  9. My son has a high end Dell XP and high NVIDIA graphics card. FSX runs smoothly with settings set at medium. When,however,he goes to instant replay,the video is very jerky. The outside view has the aircraft almost pause and then lurch ahead. It looks really wierd. Any ideas as to what is going on and what adjustments he can make? Thanks. BK
  10. I keep seeing references in scenery downloads(recently,Yeager airport) to Rwy 12 object library and the program exists here at AVSIM as a free download. I can not seem to find it. Could anyone help,please? Thank you, Bob K.
  11. Randy gave me the following suggestion:Find the below in your FS9.cfg change show brake to 0 instead of 1.SYSCLOCK=1SHOW_BRAKE_MESSAGE=1Well, I found SYSCLOCL=1 line, but I cannot find the second line in my FS9.cfg file?!? Randy,or anyone, got any ideas what is wrong? Thanks for any help, Bob K.
  12. Hey Mike and everyone else having this problem. Mike's fix is a keeper. I did everyting he suggested, re-installed FSAutoStart, and all is working fine. Thanks Mike for your help. Bob K.
  13. Hey Mike. Thank you for the help on FSAutoStart. Workded like a charm. By the way, where did you learn about %appdata%. That is a new one for me but one I'll never forget. Too bad add/remove or an uninstall does not really uninstall a program. Well again, thank you for your assisstance. This is the best forum on hte planet. Bob K.
  14. I am posting my question here as I can not get a resonse from Ken's site. I have used FSAutoStart successfully in the past with FS9. When I uninstalled FS9,installed FSX and found I could not run it on my machine, unistalled FSX, re-installed FS9, and reinstalled the newer version of FSautoStart, the new version will not install as the new version, will not show the new start button, and I can not get it to configure FS9 as a program to start. I was able to install it correctly in my son's machine and all works fine. Does anyone have any ideas as I love the program and it does help FS9 to run better. Thanks for any advice, Bob K.
  15. Although I could not run FSX on my older machine, my son is having a blast. He is 18years old,has his private liscence, and has chosen flying as his career goal. He is not so much into eye-candy but more into realism. He loves the challenges of the difficult missions in FSX and can't wait for more. I've watched him fly on his computer and there are no blurries, no stutters, and the graphics are awesome. What is further incredible is that he does not have a high end machine. He runs FSX on a Dell Dimension 8400,3.0ghz P4, NVidia 7800,and 1gig ram. With all the negative posts about FSX I just thought I would add something more promising. And no, I do not work for Microsoft.LOL. Bob K.
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