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  1. >WE DO have a 5-file limit AT THE SAME TIME per connection.It appears to be a 3-file limit, because requesting a 4th file to be downloaded I get a pop-up "530 You may only perform three concurrent downloads at a time"Anyway, not a problem.Peter
  2. > http://www.geocities.com/simulations2003/NEW.htmllooks like a very interesting site, but I cannot download any file as I always get the error "Server not found".Has anyone any news concerning this site ?Thanks, Peter
  3. Great ! So you can enjoy this fantastic scenery in full !Ciao, Peter
  4. If I remember well this is installed by MyTraffic (AI payware) and contains Afcad-files for airports included in their AI flightplans.Peter
  5. Try to put the bmp's in the FS9 main texture-folder. In some cases this helps.Ciao, Peter
  6. As I have these 2 buildings with textures I could identify with DXTbmp which these textures are:For the left building the textures are seapd.bmp and seapd_lm.bmpfor the right building the textures are DFW_North.bmp and DFW_North_LM.bmp.I see that these textures are in your logfile, but check if they are really in the texture-folder of your main 9Dragon folder. If yes you may try to copy them in the FS9 main texture-folder and see if it works.If it still does not work maybe you should try the issue with DXT3. This can be done with the DXTbpm Program (get it here: http://www.mnwright.btinternet.co.uk/index.htm)Peter
  7. First off, this is nor a claim nor a complaint, in fact I have always been happy to downlaod from Avsim.However, as also mentionned in other posts including those of the admin, the download speed gets worse and worse: from very frequent popups "we are very busy now, please try later" to download speeds of around 10k/sec, which is even extremely poor for a dialup connection, but ridiculous for a DSL connection.I agree that this is the result of the great popularity of Avsim where more and more files, bigger and bigger are available and downloaded by more and more simmers, so that the available bandwidth is at its limits in certain hours.....and the numbers will even increase.So I guess the situation will get even worse but not better.I do not know if the initiative of the donation program brings enough funds to upgrade the bandwidth. Reading Tom's sticky up here, I have some doubts. I have donated months ago but do not get any advantage over those who have not donated nor I believe to have any disadvantage respective those who donated more than me.Wouldn't it be more appropriate to install a "First Class Membership" similar to the "other" site ? I would not mind to pay a reasonable membership for having a fast and always available connection to this great site with thousands of interesting free files. A "normal" site could still be available for those who will not or cannot afford such a membership.Thanks, Peter
  8. Did you use Flightsoft's VHHX before together with the AFCAD by F.KABALU ?If yes, remember there was a change in airport level which has to be changed back to default -> see the readme of F.KABALU's file.Peter
  9. Hi Opa,Jim mentionned this in the readme of his kaitak98:quoteIf you find that your AI Planes cannot turn to final properly and miss the runway then you need to contact the designer and have them tweak there FD's to FS9 standards. FS9 does have default IMC curved approaches called LDA's in the their database. Most FDE developers never test or tweak their Flight Dynamics for these type approaches but only design toward straight in approach/flair/touchdown/braking. The larger the AI Plane (Heavies) the more sensitive the plane is for aligning to centerline of the runway. I have tested many heavy type AI aircraft and find that most use the correct approach speed to execute the final turn properly to the runway centerline.unquotePeter
  10. I was still thinking of this issue, and ....of course, Opa ist right: the ship AI traffic is driven by the taxispeed and not by the cruise speed - that's why changing the reference speed ecc. in the aircraft.cfg does not work. So only the modification of the taxispeed would slow down the ships but unfortunately also the taxiing of all aircraft......Thanks, Opa, for clearing this issue to me, and a Happy New Year to all !Peter
  11. Thanks guys, I tried both, Kevin's and Tom's suggestions but there is no change in speed. The aircraft.cfg I used is the one already modified by Holger Sandmann - being he a pioneer of AI ship traffic I guess that there is probably a minimum speed coded in FS9 which cannot be changed.Peter
  12. Great news ! I am very anxious to get it. Ciao, Peter
  13. ...they don't control the actual speed of the aircraft (the Reference Speeds in the aircraft.cfg do that)...I have some AI traffic in FS9 for the sailship Endeavour by Mike Hill. The speed is like a motorboat, which is quite unrealistic. To slow it down I have changed the settings as follows but there seems absolutely no effect of slowing down:[Reference Speeds]flaps_up_stall_speed=54.000000full_flaps_stall_speed=43.200000cruise_speed=1max_indicated_speed=8Is there any minimum speed for AI coded in FS9, which does not allow to reduce the speed further ?Thanks, Peter
  14. If you have only few aircraft in the folder and/or no errors than the DOS-window in effect closes very quickly as the scan is very fast. After each scan you will find an updated aitchk.txt file in the location where you have the aitchk.exe file. Check if you have this file and if yes, open it and read the scan results. If not, than there is a problem but no idea which...Peter
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