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  1. Josepla

    Problem with Combo 1 (original) and Linda 3.05

    Sorry, perhaps I did not explain correctly. I am not using any CH program.. ... just the windows drivers itself. The one when you connect the Yoke or Throttle. This driver get hanged up. In fact, if I run the Xplane, after using the Linda last version with FSX, it does not detect the controls in Xplane...... So the Yoke does not work anymore at all, until I restart the computer. But the good news is that I installed in the linda 1.3 version, some new aircraft modules... and now works fine.... I can use all the PMDG aircraft I got ( B737, B777,B747, and also MD11 ). I will try to reinstall the last version and get more information with the Fault Diagnosis, and I will send you. Thanks. JMPF
  2. Josepla

    Problem with Combo 1 (original) and Linda 3.05

    The problem seems that the windows control driver for CH Yoke blocks after some seconds with whatever version higher than 1.3. I tried to calibrate the Yoke in windows and it doesn't work. It doesn't move. Perhaps it is something when it assign a code to the HID device ? Thanks.
  3. Josepla

    Problem with Combo 1 (original) and Linda 3.05

    Yes, I have the latest Fsuipc (4.972) version and the program is FSX. I have disconnected the Control in FSX, and still have the same problem. I just restarted the computer and install the linda 1.3 again... and now works fine. The problem is with the linda last version 3.05 Thanks in advance
  4. Josepla

    Problem with Combo 1 (original) and Linda 3.05

    Thank you for your answer... So, I understood I have to disconnect all the the controls (Yoke, and throttle), in the Flight Simulator and use FSUIPC instead? But, why does it works fine (with the Linda version 1.3), without having to disconnect the joke in the SIM? Only happen when I change the Linda to a new version. The problem is that if I use the 1.3 version, only the PMDG 737 NGX works. It does not work with other PMDG products or aerosoft Airbus series.... So I would like to change to the lates version. I will try to disconnect in the control in the simulator..... Thank you.-
  5. Hi all: I have a problem with the combo 1 (first version) and any version of the LINDA higher than 1.13. It always blocked the CH Yoke. It starts working well, but at the moment, just 5 or 10 seconds after.... it blocks the joke and it does not work anymore. I have the throttle quadrant also, but only the yoke is blocked. It seems that it blocks the windows driver, although I do not know if it is motivated by the fsuipc or LINDA itself. Thank you, in advance. José M. Plasencia Fuentes.
  6. Hi: Well, I did not do anything new. In fact I did yesterday a new flight from SABE (Aeroparque/Buenos Aires) to SAME (El Plumerillo/Mendoza), and all worked fine. The other flights were in Canary Islands and in this last flight, in Argentina, and in this last one, I did not use the Vspeed Calculator script ... Can be that script who makes the CTD? I will try new flights... Thanks
  7. Hi all: The last 3 flight, the FSX has CTD. The error seems to be in the FS2CrewQ400Voice.Gau file. This is the faulting module: Faulting module path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\FS2Crew2010\Versions\MJCQ400\Gauges\FS2CrewQ400Voice.GAU Have anyone the same problem? I have the the fsx with the aceleration pack (with the 2 SP). I use active sky Next, and connected to IVAO. Thanks.
  8. Hi all: I disabled the linda software... and now works fine... I think Mick is right. The problem is with the linda program and the MCP.
  9. I have installed the latest Linda version, and still the same. Of course, i Added the Majestic Dash 8 Q400 profile (the same I had before). So it is posible the problem is in that config file.
  10. Ohh thanks.. I will install the new Linda version right now.
  11. Yes.. I have it.. with the vrinsight MCP COMBO ORIGINAL... I do not use allways.. but the programs Linda start.. so... ir is posible an key assigment... ? thanks
  12. ups.. sorry... I only have used the voice version..... but.. it seems also happens with the button version... if you see the other people here.... i will probe it
  13. Hi all: I have reinstalled and still the same... :-) Now, i have not changed the voices so, I received the US sounds... a man, not a woman... but it happens at the same place... when doing the after star checklist, Just when doing "Engine Rating"... and again ... it does not continue after transition level... :-) strange ..... but I suppose it is a key assigments... or something similar.... Thanks in advance...
  14. I am flying right now, and well it started just after start engines.... and before do it the after start checklist. and stopped just after Transition Altitude (when I speak "1013 set crosscheck").