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  1. 2) Lets say that I enter a departure airport of KBKE Baker City, Oregon. My destination is KBOI Boise, ID. After ASv6 does its thing, I start FS9 and configure my aircraft. ASv6 loads the weather. It usually appears to be accurate. I then wait and get the METAR notice band across the top of the screen. It gives the METAR for Portland, OR. This station is at least 250 miles away and I know that there must be six closer reporting stations between KBKE and Portland, one being KBKE. In this part of the world the weather is almost always vastly different between Portland and KBKE. I welcome your comments on this.
  2. OK. I can handle that. I think that some of my confusion came from thinking that ASv6 would automatically start FS9 with Departure and Destination aiports loaded if they were entered when starting ASv6. I do have a couple of questions. 1) If I am not going to use The GEP pop up windows why can't I eliminate them? Next question in the next reply.
  3. I have had ASV6 since Nov 2004, and am presently running Build 552. I want to discuss a problem that I have had from the start, and have just worked around it up to now. I would like to resolve this. When I open Asv6, I click
  4. I just noticed that I may have sent my attachments wrong.Hereis my .ini fileI installed the update that was included with the ASv6 installation.//ASv6 configuration file Build 464[General]WindowPosX = 495WindowPosY = 495DefaultWeatherFolder = F:Microsoft GamesFlight Simulator 9ModulesASv6SuppressionCeiling = 5000SurfaceWindLimit = 10FS9Path = F:Microsoft GamesFlight Simulator 9PersonalAppDataFolder = NONECloudLayerLimit = 5LocalSuppressionRange = 100MinimumVisibility = 0MaximumVisibility = 59LastPlanFolder = NONEAutoVasFrequency = 30AutoVasStrength = 30TurbulenceFrequency = DefaultStartupLocation = KSEADefaultGraphicsFullTheme = DefaultGraphicsCirrusTheme = AutoSubmitGraphicsTheme = FalseIncreasedWake = FalseDisableWindsAloft = FalseForcePrimaryServer = FalseForceSecondaryServer = FalseFavorCumulus = FalseForceRoutePressure = FalseForceLowestCeiling = FalseUnpauseOnReadyStatus = FalseForceTstormsWithCB = FalseAutoSetFSTime = TrueIgnoreFSLocationUntilReady = TrueAutoConvertPlanFiles = TrueAutoRefreshAI = TrueDisableVisGraduation = FalseForceRouteAloftTemp = FalseOfflinePlayback = FalseEnableVAS = TrueAutoGenVAS = TrueForceDestinationWeatherZone = FalsePreventIcing = TrueOnlineUpdates = TrueExtendedDestinationWindsForce = FalseDisableAllGroundUpdates = FalseGlobalWrites = FalseDepictFS9HazeLayer = TrueExtendTstormLayers = FalseDisableDirectWindControl = FalseVoicePlayback = TrueLocalSuppression = TrueStartupSound = TrueDisableGroundUpdates = FalseUseProxyServer = FalseFogLayerGeneration = TrueUpdateSuppression = TrueOvercastEnhancement = TrueIgnoreFSReadyStatus = TrueFSUIPCWindSmoothing = TrueLimitSurfaceWinds = FalseLimitCloudLayers = TrueAutoGlobalWriteToggle = TrueRainWithTS = TrueDisableUpperLayerGeneration = FalseVisibilitySmoothing = TrueDisableMessages = FalseAutoTimeZoneDetection = TrueUpdateInterval = 10VATSIMData = FalseZuluConversion = -8AloftPredictability = 100WindDriftRate = 0MaxCloudThickness = 10000MinStratusSeparation = 7000TAFProcessing = FalseEnforceVisibilityLimits = TrueWakeTurb = FalseStartPaused = TrueUseSystemTime = TrueDisableCAVOKClouds = FalseProxyAddress = NONE
  5. 1. I have uninstalled and reinstalled ASV6 twice, and I still have the same problem. When I open the Asv6 screen, I still get the notice:
  6. >Hi,>>Sorry that you are having trouble.>>Is this a single machine install?>>Open the ASv6.ini file and see if there is an entry after the>FS9Path line.>>Hope this helps,>Jim>http://www.hifisim.com>http://sales.hifisim.com/pub-download/asv6...development.jpg>http://sales.hifisim.com/pub-download/asv6-banner-proud.jpg> http://www.jdtllc.com/images/rcv4bannersupporter.jpgSingle machine install attached is my ASV6.ini
  7. I recently upgraded to ASV6 and thought that I had downloaded and installed properly. I installed .Net v2 and FSUIPC v3.53 and configured it. I have configured the FS9 display weather. However, when I open the Asv6 screen, I get the notice:
  8. Leave it me to ask the dumb questions. I noted that there are three 512X512X32 Texture Sets listed - Parts 1,2 and 3. Does that mean that all three should be downloaded and installed? I assumed that the textures were divided up due to size. This may have been explained in the documentation, but I must have missed it.
  9. I have AS2004.5 with update3.zip running now. I have read some posts where some individuals have had some problems with the ASV upgrade. My computer skills are not such that would allow me to easily perform some of the fixes that have been suggested. Should I risk the ASV.5 upgrade or should I go ahead and purcahse the full version? :-zhelp
  10. This is probably a dumb question, but it won't be my first. Why can't AS be configured so that it will show on the FS menu bar. I already have Lago, Active Camera, Erosoft, FSUIPC on there. Am I missing something here? I have read the manual more than once and I don't find a reference to this that I recognize.
  11. I recently bought and downloaded AS2004.5Two questions: I have downloaded and am using the User Manaual for AS2004. Do I understand that the upgraded manual revisions for AS2004.5 are not out yet?Second question: I hear mentioned on the forum the AS2004.ini file. I am embarrassed to ask, but where do I find this file?I know that I will have more questions as I get into AS2004.5 a little more.
  12. Is there a User Manual for AS2004.5? I just bought it and may have missed the User Manual on the install. Perhaps there is a way to access it that I am not aware of. I have the User Manual for AS2004. Is that current enough?
  13. I just recieved the CD version of ActiveSky. I notice that it says it is for FS2002, but it has a sticker on it that says "Works in FS2004". Does this mean that I did not get an updated version like I thought I would get, and that I still have to download the 2004.5 update?
  14. I would love to have ActiveSky but have been hesitant in getting it because of my dial-up internet speed. The connection speed is about 46.6 Kbps, and my download speed runs around 5 Kbps. Is that going to be fast enough for me to use it? My system shouldn't be a problem.I would appreciate anyone with this slow of a speed sharing their experiences.
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