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  1. jsheldon

    Poksy 767 Problem

    Hi guys !I have just started to use the Posky 767-200/300 v4 aircraft. I saw on their website that they have "Dynamic flexing wings that respond to turbulence". So far I have failed to see them flex up and down at all !! Any ideas ? Certainly not flexing like the PMDG 747 - am I missing something ?ThanksJonny
  2. Hi !Does anyone know of, or want to volunteer :) to repaint the wingleted version of the 737-800 in the El Al livery ? There is an excellent repaint of the El Al 737 fleet available by Yarden Ben Dor, but the winglets are plain white (which was correct at the time), whereas they are now liveried.Can anyone help with this - I would be most appreciative !!Many thanksJonathan
  3. jsheldon

    Email Address Change

    Many thanks !Jonathan
  4. jsheldon

    Email Address Change

    Hi Guys !I am just in the process of changing internet provider and therefore my email address is changing. How do I go about changing the information on my downloads re: my email address in the event of a re-installation requirement?ThanksJonathan
  5. jsheldon


    Many thanks - works a treat !Jonny
  6. jsheldon


    Hi !I am having a little problem with this otherwise invaluable tool.When trying to raise/lower the eyepoint using CTRL Home / End, I find it moves too fast. Is there any way to slow this down so as to only make small vertical adjustments to this view? I am particularly having a problem with the PMDG 737 VC where I am either too low or out of the cockpit !!Any help gratefully received !!Jonny
  7. jsheldon

    744 Landing Panel View

    Thanks for your help - I'll give it a go !!Jonny
  8. Hi !Does anyone out there know of a good quality 744 landing panel (2D and with working instruments) specifically for the PMDG 744 ? I have a fantastic one for the LVLD 767 by Phil Geddes, and would really like one for the 744 which is just a little too harsh on framerates while landing in the VC.Many thanks !Jonny
  9. jsheldon

    Overland 777

    Hi all !Just downloaded the Overland Boeing models - really good selection of models and the best visual 777 around at the mo (imo). Does anyone know of an El Al repaint for this model ? Or are there any kind-hearted folk out there who would like to give it a try :) ?RgdsJonny
  10. jsheldon

    Zurich Scenery

    Hi !Does anyone know what happened to this scenery ?http://www.simflight.com/modules.php?name=...rticle&sid=6403As far as I know it has not been released yet!Thanks Jonny
  11. Hi !Can anyone out there tell me if there is a landing panel available for the Level D 767 ? There was a great one which I used to have with 767 PIC and it would be great to have a new one for use with the latest version.Many thanks !!Jonathan
  12. jsheldon

    Zurich kloten for FS9?

    Hi Guys !Anyone have any idea when this is due for release ? - I keep checking the simflight.com website but so far no news!RgdsJonathan
  13. jsheldon

    Zurich kloten for FS9?

    This scenery looks great ! Does anyone know of a planned release date (even a rough one)?ThanksJonathan
  14. jsheldon

    Help with Flylogic Zurich FS 9 Scenary

    Hi Jeroen,I have also sent you an email to ask if you could send me the AFCAD as well - I thought this problem was just happening to me !Many thanksJonathan
  15. jsheldon

    Post Upgrade Problem

    Hi !I successfully upgraded to 9.1 but I am now getting a much more stuttery flying experience than I had previously. Luckily I created a restore point prior to installation so I have gone back to my original installation and all is ok again. Anyone else experience this or anyone out there have any ideas? I think it may be sound related (I have a SB Audigy2 NX USB soundcard).ThanksJonny