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  1. jetair01

    Cannot find liveries

    sigh.. your absolutely right. .. Now I feel stupid.. I will go sit in the corner and feel ashamed for a while ^_^ Thanks though! -Tonny Koops
  2. jetair01

    Cannot find liveries

    Probably me but on the PMDG website I cannot locate the liveries for the 777. I can see all the other types 737,747 ,md11 etc.. but not the 777. Any idea where I can find them? -Tonny Koops
  3. jetair01

    Where Is Your 777 Now?

    YMML-PHNL step climb to FL330 Part of my personal around the world tour 2013.. KPAE-KSFO-KLAX-KMIA-KJFK-KORD-KSEA-EHAM-VHHH-YMML-PHNL Next will be PHNL-PANC
  4. jetair01

    Where Is Your 777 Now?

    Is savely parked in the hangar beeing polished and pampered. Had to to tow out a few other planes first though. (Probably putting them in storage for a bit)
  5. The MidCon Promotion Movie shown at the AVSIM conference in Denver, can now be seen at to watch the movie.
  6. All,I like to make a repaint of the great PDMG beech 190D for MidCon virtual airlines . It seems there is no repaint kit for it on the PDMG website. Is there anyone out here who could help me out from saving me hours and hours to make a repaint kit myself.