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  1. hey thanks a lot chris i used the sound forge and i found a tiny little part at the end of the sound file that was just blank with no sound so i trimmed that off and now it works great thanks again,Tyler
  2. Hi, I recently attempted to replace the sound of the recirc fan in the 737 with one of my own i recorded off a real 737 and I got it in there fine but when i turn on FS, it plays nicely but at the end of the clip that I recorede it makes a very quick pause so that iot can replay the sound clip again, which isnt that bad but after about 20 mins it can get quite annoying. the origional recirc fan didnt do this...how can I make it not "skip" like that and just play one continuos loop? thank youTyler
  3. Hi Ryan, I haven't had the problem at all until i updated all my navdata the other day, and now its screwed up at every airport no matter which sid/star files i have or which AIRAC cycle I have. I managed to fix the L** 767 installing the 0609 demo airac but it still did not correct PMDGs for some reason. I am at the point now of just re-installing the 737 and 747 and seeing if that fixes it. Tyler
  4. I just re-installed the Old 0609 cycle and its STILL messed up.Tyler
  5. oooo ok, now i have a better understanding. thanks Tyler
  6. Yes the -600/700 is compatible with FS2002, however if you want to upgrade to the -800/-900 anytime, that upgrade is strictly for FS2004. Tyler
  7. Hey Guys thanks a lot for all of your replies, Jan-Paul, I read that post and I put that file where it said to but it still is doing the same thing, When im physically on the runway like in position and hold, the nav display will show me exactly where I am, and when I takeoff then it begins drifting way off to the left. I'm just going to download the old navdata until Richard gets back. Thanks a lot for your help. Any other suggestions are welcome too ;)Tyler
  8. Alright, thanks a lot Ryan for your help. ACtually, would that be an error un the SIDs/STARs since that whole route is made up of ajust a SID and a STAR or is it the AIRAC data? Is there somewhere where i could download a slightly older AIRAC to get me by till when Richard gets back? Tyler
  9. I have just updated my Navdata the other day to the latest AIRAC for all my addons and when I went to play FS I loaded up the 737 to fly LAS-SNA and the RBELL intersection on the BOACH2 departure was shown off to the right of the runway centerline of 25R when its supposed to be lined up right with the runway extended centerline. Throughout the whole flight using LNAV the plane would have a XTRK error of about 1.5 nm to the right of the LNAV path then it appeared to be crabbing its way along the whole route looking like it wa trying for the path , but never actually got on it and stayed about the same dist away from it the whole flight allthe way down to landing where the runway symbol was way off to the rigth however visually and on the LOC i was perfectly lined up w/ the runway. It is doing this with the 747 too. anyone else have this problem or konw how to fix this? thank you (see pic)http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/172951.jpgTyler
  10. Hi Floyd,Thanks a lot for that information about the KSNA procedures I cant wait to tr that departure tonight. For question #3, the pilot gave me the dispatch release for that flight and it says on there that it was a bleeds on departure and actually on the return flight from that same trip I was on a -300 out of MDW and I also got the dispatch rel. for that fight too and that one was a bleeds off takeoff and I filmed both of the takeoffs and the takeoffs on the classic series plane did still sound pretty loud even though only 1 pack is operating during bleeds off. Any other i deas on what might be the reason for it being quieter on the -700? For question 4, on these dispatch releases under the ladning column there is a section that says wether it will be a bleeds on or off landing, I imagine they would do bleeds off landings possibly form more GA thrust or even for a more powerful braking effect through the reversers with the bleeds sut off. Thanks again for your reply,Tyler
  11. 1) What are the specific procedures for the 737-700 out of KSNA for noise abatement 19R? what altitude you set climb thrust, after a full power bleeds off t/o out of there would you select CLB2 or CLB1, my guess is 2 to save wear on the engines but for KSNA im not sure.2) Is there some kind of software that simulates Accuload or any kind of dispacth software for the 737? I heard Mats was working on one. Does anyone know the status of it?3) In real life when taking off in a 737-700 vs the 737-300 or -500 when the pilots give it full power why does it sound like the packs are turning off, the loud humming noise of the packs or gasper fan slowly turns off and pretty much it seems like all you hear is the engines. But in the -300 and -500 you hear it ALL you can still hear the hummig of the packs and gasper system and stuff plus the engines. does anyone know what is going on in the -700 that makes it get quiter w/ takeoff power vs the -300/-500?4) For bleeds off landings how far out from arrival do you configure the pneumatics panel for it? 5) I was looking through one of my magazines and I saw a picture of a SWA 737-300 flight deck and it had 2 FMCs, all the ones I have been on only have one on the FO's side, I know the NGs have 2 though, can someone verify that SWA has 2 FMC's on any of their classic 737s?Thanks for any repliesTyler
  12. OIC ok well i tried that utility to fix that error message and it didn't work so i guess its the CD's or something. Thanks for your replies JohnTyler
  13. Yes, I installed it from the CDs and it still wont work... the problem is with the game though and not with my PC, correct? Thanks for the quick reply John.ThanksTyler
  14. I just tried to install FS 2002 for the sake of better FPS and the installation went well but then an error came up about a 16 bit MS-DOS application. (see attachment) I have had FS2002 on this computer before with no problem same with 2004 but now 2002 just doesn't work anymore. Anyone know how to solve this problem? Thanks,Tyler
  15. Hi ShaheedanThe thing is though I get blury textures with all of my default planes and scenery and all of my sliders are at minimum with the traffic slider at 100% and at KSFO for example i still get only about 4 FPS in spot plane and 6 in the 2d panel all I have is the stuff that came with my computer exept I upgraded my RAM about a year ago....with that said....do you think that the ATI 9200 will help? plus my spending limit is around 100-110 bucks. What about any of the geforce graphics cards like the 5500?PS I need one with PCI and I havent found any of the radeons with PCI cmpatiblilty all I can find are the geforce 5500 and 5200 that have PCI capabiltiy.ThanksTyler
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