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  1. Bjorn,The way I use Assumed temp. is to determine runway length and weight of the aircraft, then go to the Takeoff section of the manual and read the "Runway length limit weight" table. By reading the row for the given runway length and moving across until you get to the aircraft weight you will be using, you can then read the maximum assumed temp possible at the top of the column. You also have to make sure that the weight of the aircraft will be under the climb limit for that assumed temp. The climb limit weight is the bottom row of the table (in yellow).I've used this method to find assumed temps, and it seems to work well.Bill
  2. I've had similar problems and I think it happens when my rudder pedals/toe brakes get out of calibration. Any braking action registered by the pedals turns off the parking brake (a MSFS "buglet"), so if the calibration is off and there is noise from the pedals, it won't hold the parking brake.If you have toe brakes try recalibrating and see if that fixes the problem.Bill
  3. I can't help you with your first question. To get the traffic displayed on the TCAS, you have to click the range knob on the EICAS. It says Traffic (I think). Once you click it, "TFC" will sho up in blue on the display unit, and you should see traffic. Also, you should check under the options in the PMDG menu to see if "Display non-conflicting traffic" option is checked. Bill
  4. Another great VA group is the Flying Tigers Group at http://www.cpavirtual.org/VirtualATP.aspYou join one of their airlines to start with, but once you register, you can fly routes for all of the affiliated airlines. You can pick your own routes to fly from the real world schedules. Some of the member VA's also have "classic" divisions so you can fly routes and planes from the 60's and 70's.I fly for Aloha VA out of the Hawiian Islands. There are PMDG paints for other member airlines as well.Bill
  5. Not a bug, but a request for the service update:It would be really cool to have more of the switches acessible through keyboard sequences. I have the MCP747 from Aerosoft and I'd like to use some of my unused EICAS buttons to work some of the switches on the overhead (seat belts, engine start switches, etc.) so I don't have to keep switching panel views.Currently you can only assign key sequences to some of the functions, and those are nostly already visible on the main panel.Thanks for a great product and excellent support!Bill Rowe
  6. I have a question about center fuel tank operation on the 737NG: Do you run the center tank pumps until the tank is empty and the master caution lights up? Or should I turn off the pumps with some fuel remaining in the tank?Thanks in advance and thanks to all the advice I've already gotten from reading this great forumBill
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