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  1. Hello,Try this one: CRZ FL240Visual to OZE (mca 3600ft) then OZE RDL196 to FORER (MNM FL120) thenADOSA ELTAR UL615 ORSUD SANET MNM(17000ft QNH) then to MOT vor mnm17000 follow R086 until DME21 turn left to MASAB (maintain 17000ft qnh and spd max 195kts min bank angle 30 degrees) perform an 90/45 intercept of SIO vor R066 (inbound track 246) passing MASAB, descend to 16000ft qnh to reach this alt at ALETO (FAF).Consider to be on app config atMASAB... otherwise you'll sweat...At ALETO, you pick the ILS (ISI 108.35). Attention, Glide is 6 degrees, so at 140kt your V/S is -1502ft/min.If you don't maintain the 17'000ft local QNH, you'll see the mountains for the first and last time...That's all...Detailed charts for LSGS here: http://www.vacc-sag.org
  2. Hello,I have read the posts with the key assignments for the stairs.. but.. I don't have the concorde nose and visor listed ...May be somebody can send me the 737kb.ini file ?My e-mail is: didier.kessi@@swissinfo.org (minus 1 @)Krgds Didier--------------20NM east of LSGG
  3. Hello,Have had icing and a-floor at lower altitude than FL360... let say during climb.. I wonder if the anti-icing systems are working on the PSS airbus. EG: Pitot heat on, suddenly the speed falls to 0.Any idea ?RgdsDidier / LSGG
  4. Hello,If you want to keep your navdata up to date, just download the pss file at: http://www.navdata.atThis guy makes a wonderful work keeping the bases for (fast) each FS addon.Rgds Didier
  5. >Have you by any chance installed new navdata? Maybe one or>more waypoints referenced no longer exist...HelloThat's it!!According the navdata rev 0305, the route is:EGGD EXMOR UN864 SALCO UM30 QPR UN866 KONBA KONB1G GCTSRgds Didier
  6. Hello,I'll try to make this for you... just give me some time to find logos and the font. The paint is not so complicated.Rgds DidierProject AI Virtual A320 pilot LSGG
  7. Hi Chris,You have 2 solutions to this problem.1. when FS is started, change the time by +/- 1 or 5 minutes, this will reset the AI traffic and the metar will be refreshed. The ATC will now use the appropriate Rwy.2. Start AS in paused mode. When FS is fully started, just hit the refresh button.RgdsDidier /LSGG
  8. This topic has been moved by the moderator of this forum. It can be found at:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...2&topic_id=1988
  9. Hello,Here is a collection of EasyJet FP's.Departure times are Local, FL may be changed.1st part is Geneva Hub destinations2nd part ist Dortmund Hub destination3rd part various1st part ---->Gatwick(FPL-=IS-A319-EZS973-LSGG1430-N0412360 LSGG SID DJL UH37 BRY UM733 GURLU EGKK-EGKK0101 EGLL-)(FPL-=IS-A319-EZS974-EGKK1540-N0485370 EGKK SID BOGNA UN615 XAMAB UL612 MELEE UN136 VERIX UM605 LUSSAR LUSA6R LSGG-LSGG0057 LFLL-)Luton(FPL-=IS-A319-EZS907-LSGG1415-N0403360 LSGG SID DJL UH37 BRY UM733 GURLU ASKE1R EGGW-EGGW0111-)(FPL-=IS-A319-EZS908-EGGW1525-N0475370 EGGW DCT WOD UN615 XAMAB UL612 MELEE UN136 VERIX UM605 LUSAR LUSA6R LSGG-LSGG0105 LFLL-)Liverpool-A319(FPL-=IS-EZY7302-LSGG1035-N0401380 LSGG SID DJL UH37 BRY UM733 KOPOR UT426 DIMAL UT420 WELIN UN57 TNT STAR EGGP-EGGP0126-)(FPL-=IS-A319-EZY7309-EGGP1820-N0480390 EGGP DCT NOKIN UN862 RISLA UL6 KEPAD UA34 MID UN615 XAMAB UL612 MELEE UN136 VERIX UM605 LUSAR LUSA6R LSGG-LSGG0117 LFLL-)Bristol(FPL-=IS-A319-EZY6158-LSGG1605-N0398380 LSGG SID DJL UH37 BRY UM733 KOPOR UT426 DIMAL UT420 BIG UL9 NOSDA UY92 BUNCE DCT EGGD-EGGD0119-)(FPL-=IS-A319-EZY6157-EGGD1250-N0480390 EGGD DCT PITEM UP2 NIGIT UL18 MID UN615 XAMAB UL612 MELEE UN136 VERIX UM605 LUSAR LUSA6R LSGG-LSGG0108 LFLL-)East Midlands(FPL-=IS-A319-EZS917-LSGG1450-N0397380 LSGG SID DJL UH37 BRY UM733 KOPOR UY376 VESAN UL613 DET UN601 LESTA DCT EGNX-EGNX0117 EGBB-)(FPL-=IS-A319-EZS918-EGNX1605-N0480390 EGNX SID DTY UA47 WOD UN615 XAMAB UL612 MELEE UN136 VERIX UM605 LUSAR LUSA6R LSGG-LSGG0111 LFLL-)Newcastle(FPL-=IS-A319-EZY6466-LSGG2115-N0409380 LSGG SID DJL UH37 BRY UM733 KOPOR UT426 DIMAL UT420 WELIN UN57 POL UP17 TIPTA DCT EGNT-EGNT0137-)(FPL-=IS-A319-EZY6465-EGNT1740-N0480390 EGNT DCT RAPUM UP16 BEGAM UY99 CROFT UN615 XAMAB UL612 MELEE UN136 VERIX UM605 LUSAR LUSA6R LSGG-LSGG0130 LFLL-)Budapest terminal 2B(FPL-=IS-A319-EZS933-LSGG1115-N0496390 LSGG SID MOLUS UN871 TULSI UL725 GAMLI UL605 SIRDU UY52 VEBOS DCT LHBP-LHBP0119 LOWW-)(FPL-=IS-A319-EZS934-LHBP1145-N0459380 LHBP SID TORNO UY50 ABETI UL610 TAGAS UL856 AKABI UZ613 TRA UZ669 ULMES ULME6R LSGG-LSGG0125 LFLL-)Berlin(FPL-=IS-A319-EZS933-LSGG0925-N0467330 LSGG SID MOLUS UN871 KUDES UN851 MASEK T200 RUDAK EDDB-EDDB0115 EDDT-)(FPL-=IS-A319-EZS934-EDDB1145-N0458320 EDDB SID BELID Y204 LODRO Y202 MAG UZ20 BIRKA T726 TGO UN869 BENOT BENO5R LSGG-LSGG0109 LFLL-)Rome(FPL-=IS-A319-EZS941-LSGG0645-N0480330 LSGG SID MEDAM UM730 GEN UM729 IDONA UZ804 GRO LIRA-LIRA0056 LIRF-)(FPL-=IS-A319-EZS942-LIRA0845-N0439320 LIRA SID ELB UL50 TOP UP860 KINES KINE5R LSGG-LSGG0059 LFLL-)Nice(FPL-=IS-A319-EZS923-LSGG0705-N0399250 LSGG SID MEDAM UM623 VEVAR LFMN-LFMN0025 LIMJ-)(FPL-=IS-A319-EZS924-LFMN0830-N0365260 LFMN SID IRMAR UN853 KINES KINE5R LSGG-LSGG0027 LFLL-)Alicante(FPL-=IS-A319-EZS937-LSGG1400-N0465380 LSGG SID BALSI UN852 MAMES UN975 BCN UM985 VLC STAR LEAL-LEAL0124 LEVC-)(FPL-=IS-A319-EZS938-LEAL1630-N0443390 LEAL SID COSTA UN609 GIROM UZ34 GONUP UN871 OMASI DCT LSGG-LSGG0128 LFLL-)Barcelone(FPL-=IS-A319-EZS965-LSGG1605-N0467380 LSGG SID BALSI UY16 MTL UZ38 PPG UP84 GIR B38 SLL DCT LEBL-LEBL0053 LEMD-)(FPL-=IS-A319-EZS966-LEBL1805-N0429390 LEBL SID FEVIK R870 DIBER UN870 MAXIR UN853 KINES BENO5R LSGG-LSGG0102 LFLL-)Madrid(FPL-=IS-A319-EZS987-LSGG1110-N0463380 LSGG SID ARGIS UY105 LERGA UN869 OLRAK UQ169 AGN UL866 PPN UN10 DOBAN UN857 BAN STAR LEMD-LEMD0120 LEZG-)-A319-EZS988-LEMD1340-N0443390 LEMD SID BAN UL184 LARDA UN871 OMASI DCT LSGG-LSGG0121 LFLL-)Amsterdam(FPL-=IS-A319-EZS955-LSGG0625-N0356330 LSGG SID DJL UN854 TINIL UM982 ERTIP DCT PESER EHAM-EHAM0104 EBBR-)(FPL-=IS-A319-EZS956-EHAM0835-N0482330 EHAM LEKKO UB31 WOODY UN872 NIK UA24 DIK UN852 MOROK UZ24 ODIGA LSGG-LSGG0055 LFLL-)Orly(FPL-=IS-A319-EZS993-LSGG1530-N0438260 LSGG SID DJL STAR LFPO-LFPO0035 LFPG-)-A319-EZS992-LFPO2145-N0414250 LFPO DORDI LUREN LUSA6R LSGG-LSGG0032 LFLL-)2nd part --->From Dortmund (EDLW)Budapest(FPL-=IS-A319-EZY4925-EDLW1025-N0507370 EDLW DCT SUKAM UZ717 EXOBA UL620 KOPIT UM748 ERGOM DCT LHBP-LHBP0109 LOWW-)(FPL-=IS-A319-EZY4926-LHBP1250-N0371390 LHBP SID TORNO UY50 TEKNO UM749 BEGLA UL850 LALIN UL604 SULUS T852 MOHNE EDLW-EDLW0127-)Krakow(FPL-=IS-A319-EZY4965-EDLW1410-N0527390 EDLW DCT SUKAM UZ717 EXOBA UL620 PEMUR UL984 SKAVI DCT EPKK-EPKK0107-)(FPL-=IS-A319-EZY4966-EPKK1620-N0362400 EPKK DCT SKAVI UL984 DONAD UL602 KEMAD UL190 LAU Z190 WRB EDLW-EDLW0127-)Nice(FPL-=IS-A319-EZY4945-EDLW0830-N0468400 EDLW SID GMH Y854 BOMBI UN850 EVANO UZ185 BORDI LFMN-LFMN0113 LIMJ-)(FPL-=IS-A319-EZY4946-LFMN1040-N0446390 LFMN SID IRMAR UN853 DIK UT856 ADUSU T856 NOR UM170 BAM EDLW-EDLW0116-)Mallorca(FPL-=IS-A319-EZY4971-EDLW0720-N0438400 EDLW SID BAM UM170 KENUM UM615 GESLO UN852 VERSO UL129 LUNIK LEPA-LEPA0152 LEIB-)(FPL-=IS-A319-EZY4972-LEPA1020-N0446390 LEPA SID MEROS UN853 LUMAS UM976 ETREK UN854 DJL UM129 EPL UL47 GIVOR UN853 DIK UT856 ADUSU T856 NOR UM170 BAM EDLW-EDLW0155-)De Gaulle(FPL-=IS-A319-EZY4981-EDLW0635-N0411240 EDLW SID BAM UM170 KENUM UM615 IDOSA UN857 RAPOR LFPG-LFPG0045 LFPO-)(FPL-=IS-A319-EZY4982-LFPG0825-N0446250 LFPG SID NIPOR UH101 RANUX UN858 VALEK UH110 DIK UT856 ADUSU T856 NOR UM170 BAM EDLW-EDLW0038-)Prague(FPL-=IS-A319-EZY4933-EDLW1005-N0527270 EDLW SID WRB UL126 MASEK UL604 SULUS UL984 OKG LKPR-LKPR0039 EDDC-)(FPL-=IS-A319-EZY4934-LKPR1150-N0394280 LKPR SID DONAD UT170 RAPET T170 ARNIX T852 MOHNE EDLW-EDLW0046-)Rome(FPL-=IS-A319-EZY4991-EDLW1335-N0475390 EDLW SID GMH Y854 BOMBI T721 SUNEG UL607 ALGOI UM738 ADOSA UP131 FER UZ902 VALEN UZ805 BOL LIRA-LIRA0125 LIRF-)(FPL-=IS-A319-EZY4992-LIRA1615-N0382400 LIRA SID BOL UZ806 VERUN UM726 BZO UL12 KPT UL608 TGO UN851 LOHRE T850 MOHNE EDLW-EDLW0138-)3rd part --->From Lutonto Dortmund(FPL-=IS-A319-EZY4954-EGGW0745-N0505330 EGGW SID CLN UL620 BASNO UL603 ARNEM UL620 SONEB STAR EDLW-EDLW0043-)(FPL-=IS-A319-EZY4953-EDLW0700-N0343340 EDLW SID HMM UL602 RKN UL480 GORLO DCT ABBOT EGGW-EGGW0054-)to Basel(FPL-=IS-A319-EZY2081-EGGW0705-N0506270 EGGW SID DVR UL9 KONAN UL607 KOK UM150 DIK UN852 GTQ STAR LFSB-LFSB0057 LSZH-)(FPL-=IS-A319-EZY2082-LFSB1010-N0419280 LFSB DCT NATLI UL613 RLP UL48 DIDOR UL613 SANDY EGGW-EGGW0107-)to Cork(FPL-=IS-A319-EZY785-EGGW0700-N0429280 EGGW SID CPT UL9 DIKAS UB40 MERLY UL22 ARDAM DCT EICK-EICK0052 EINN-)(FPL-=IS-A319-EZY786-EICK0850-N0484270 EICK DCT EVRIN UL607 NUMPO UP2 BUNCE UY92 NOSDA UL9 KENET EGGW-EGGW0045-)From Stanstedto Copenhagen(FPL-=IS-A319-EZY3563-EGSS1245-N0468370 EGSS SID CLN UL620 TULIP UZ700 BEDUM UN873 JUIST UP729 LUGAS EKCH-EKCH0112 ESMS-)(FPL-=IS-A319-EZY3564-EKCH1600-N0419360 EKCH SID TOBIS UT502 ALS UN872 EEL UZ701 GORLO UL980 LOGAN EGSS-EGSS0119 EGLL-)From CopenhagenTo Berlin(FPL-=IS-A319-EZY4507-EKCH1950-N0513230 EKCH SID BALOX UM736 NONSA UM725 RODEP EDDB-EDDB0029 EDDT-)(FPL-=IS-A319-EZY4508-EDDB2115-N0389220 EDDB SID RAKIT UZ400 PENET UM602 NONSA UM725 SOTOT UM602 BANKU UM725 SONAL UM602 CDA STAR EKCH-EKCH0034 ESMS-)Hope you can use some of themRgdsDidierA319 flyer out of LSGG
  10. Hi,I had the same problem. It did happens only at any airports such as Kennedy and as I experienced, Friedrichshafen. The Bus intercept the LOC but on the opposite heading.. eg: If the LOC is for Rwy 10 the bus takes the 280 heading.I think the bug comes from the LOC in the afcad or in the BGL from FS2004.Rgds Didier
  11. Hello PatrickIt has something to do with the "dead batteries".I had this sometimes after updating my fsuipc.You can edit the fsuipc.ini to set the extended battery life.Or just start the APU and so it will load the batteries.RgdsDidier LSGG (a neighbour)
  12. Hello,Is there a possibility to change the gpws altitude? On approach, the atc often gives low altitudes and as soon as the radar alt sees the ground 2000 ft below the aircraft, the gpsw screams in the cockpit. Is it possible to set the trigger alt to 1000 or 1500ft?TksRgdsDidier
  13. Hi again Niels,So, I've disabled the weak turbulences in ActiveSky... Wow.. that's much better. Perfect landing (IMO)...See attached pic. Ldg at KSLCHave a nice day, fly high.Didier
  14. Hi Niels,LOC then, when on center line and approaching glide, appr button pushed and G/S intercept from below... no problem.Weighting ok.. no overload.. LW about 55 tons (2000kgs fuel).Dive usually happens on short final (height btw 200 and 400ft).I use ActiveSky2004... Have seen a post about ActiveSky and weak turbulence.. may be it's the answer. I'll try to disable weak turb and look what it'll give.Will give you a follow up.Tks for answer.See you:-wave
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