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  1. andreasft

    Error 1628 when installing FSX SDK - SOLVED!

    Great. This solved my 1628 installation problem! Thanks!
  2. andreasft

    FS9 + Vista = Memory Leak

    I solved this.Had the same problem in WinXP.Found out that a single landclass file that i had put into the addon sceneryscenery folder was eating the memory.Dunno why, but have read some threads about others having problems with single .bgl files without textures.
  3. Ive just installed FS9 on my Vista PC. Running a core2duo E6600, 2 gig memory i would assume this would be a hassle free operation.After testing, i have found out that FS9 is taking lots of memory.This is just when i am close to addon scenery.The memory usage starts at 350mb, then increasing to 1,5 GB! in 10-15 minutes.When moving away from the addon-airport scenery, the memory load stops increasing, but does not decrease.To me this seems like a memory leak.I am thinking about reinstalling WinXP so i can use FS9, but if anyone got any suggestions on what can cause this i would be a happy fella.Tested with default cessna.Cloud9 Amsterdam - Memory leak and CTD.UK2000 EGLL - Memory leak and CTD.Dream Factory Brussels - Memory leak and CTD.Help?! :)
  4. Hello. Does anyone know if there is a designer currently working on VVTS scenery for Tan Son Nhat, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam?I have som pictures of the new terminal if anyone is interested in doing this airport. Would be wonderful!
  5. andreasft

    777 review on main AVSIM site

    Whats wrong with you guys? If you dont see the problems he is refereing to with this product, you are both naive and ignorant. Ill never buy a PSS product until i see a patch that fixes this system.
  6. andreasft

    What causes a CTD?

    I just want to add a point here if someone got any similar problems.The Samsoft WSSS Scenery causes a CTD when about 100nm out.Download the update, and you will be fine.Andreas. Doing the SIA352 WSSS-EKCH now.
  7. andreasft


    *Bump*Anyone got this and return RL flightplan?Andreas.
  8. andreasft


    Hello.Anyone can help me get a flightplan for these two routes?VTBD-VVNB and VVNB-VVDN.The BKK-HAN route is operated either by Thai or Vietnam Airlines.The HAN-DAD route is operated by Vietnam Airlines.Thanks peeps.Andreas.
  9. andreasft

    PSS 747/777

    I use the 747 panel as well with the opensky 747. But the speed and pitch is very sensitive. When activating VNAV it climbs on 6000ft vs.Is there anyone who know what i can do to slow it down?
  10. andreasft

    777 Deluxe panelel

    Hi. I downloaded the panel by John J Schumacher.The filename is I got a frustrating problem with this one. Everytime i load it i get an error saying FS cant load gauge dfd_soundsw1.GAU, dfd_soundsw2.GAU all the way to soundsw10.GAU. Then it starts from 1 again to 10. Then im allowed to continue.What is this bug caused by? Very frustrating!Hints ?Installed all after the readme file that was included.Anyone else expiriencing this. Couldnt find anything in the forum.
  11. andreasft

    LDS Livery.

    Looking good Gary.Great work!
  12. Hi. I was trying to connect to the website without luck.Is it down or is there some change in the wind? ;)
  13. I certainly hope you are right. Im not to optimistic about this thou.
  14. andreasft

    Livery List

    What about Scandinavian? Will it be included?
  15. andreasft

    performance books.

    Me too. Thanks a lot. Email: andreasft@'remove'