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  1. pve

    Cosford 2016

    Thinking of flying up this year from EGLD if anyone's interested and will share some costs I can take 3 please PM me. pve
  2. Know what you mean, No worries all working good now. pve
  3. Thanks Bill I got all that installed but no traffic showing. Is there anything else I got to change or files to add. I am using the 2 gauges supplied in the original release. pve
  4. Hi all Need some help installing the above into std. FSX with Doug's modified File. There are 3 files I can see that may be involved Trafficradar.dll TrafficInfo.dll Traffic.dll. Which files are used and where do they go. If files go in the Modules folder do they have to be declared in the DLL.xml. Thanks pve.
  5. Hi all FS9 Is 'scat' limited to 6 entries in one element or Macro. More will crash the sim. Entering them after each value or all at the end makes no difference it seems there must be a limit. Can anyone confirm this. Thanks Paul
  6. Hi Bob Thanks for confirming that. Loading my saved flights with a normal saved flight plan included the WaypointAirportICAO data is transferred and loads correctly. A work round with a saved Goto would be to cancel the FlightPlanIsDirectTo after loading the flight then transfer the WaypointAirportICAO data from the AirportIdent and then resart the DirectTo. (just thought of that !!). Paul
  7. FSX orig XML code I seems you can't get any airport info. from the WaypointAirportICAO list with FlightPlanIsDirectTo active. It works OK on initial DirTo entry but if you save the flight then recall it all the WaypointAirportICAO info. is missing and can't be accessed. Removing the DirTo in the saved flight returns access to the information. Paul
  8. pve

    JetFly LX-JFK released

    Nice job thanks. These fly out of my local airfield EGLD there are two or three this in this strange colour.
  9. pve

    Further Engine ITT adjustments

    The top windows are battery volts so if you have both generators off both the battery volts drop and both battery amps show discharge. When you turn either generator on top both top windows show + amps till battery volts == 24 v then both amps show balance at 0 amps The bottom windows work as expected. Do you understand?
  10. pve

    Further Engine ITT adjustments

    It does charge both batteries. If you induce a discharge then switch one generator on it shows positive amps on both till they balance at 0 amps.
  11. pve

    Further Engine ITT adjustments

    Hi Autogyro Thanks for the latest engine mods. Not sure how the PC12 bus system works but the problem is I think you can only have one Generator entry per engine. I have it working with one gen. split and allowing both gen1 and gen2 to show off and on independently both showing volts and discharge. PM me if you think you can use it.
  12. pve

    Further Engine ITT adjustments

    Nice work autogyro. In the eng. gauge code GEN1 DC V shows BATTVOLTS at 24 and GEN2 DC V shows GENVOLTS at 28. I guess they both should be GENVOLTS. Easy to change.
  13. Hi Roman probably still be off because the ALTs are at right angles to the lat/lon, one of which you are trying to find in the first place. Good point I never thought of that. I got the ground distance sorted and will start the decent point slightly before the predicted TOD in the FMC code to get an overlap.
  14. Hi Roman I got the geocalc all OK and using trig for the vertical brg. but the 3 deg. line FROM THE EOD is about 450 ft. to low at the TOD. May have to reverse it and start at the TOD but lots of thing to change in the FMC display. I understand the Geocalc distance is great circle distance and may have to convert my distance to descend to great circle too. Thanks for your help.