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  1. FSXA Just finished a gauge showing gun tracers firing forward. It works OK but I think the clear HUD backing is blocking the stream showing though the HUD. Is this a bug or can the backing be changed. Thanks PVE
  2. No, It loads the first waypoint then the remaining are all flashing NO LINK. pve
  3. Hello I installed your excellent flight planner today to save flight plans for the Reality 530 v2 it works OK. I tried to save a Majestic Q400 plan and could not save it. I have basic FSX installed on its own drive in windows 7 64. After selecting the converted flight plan in the Q400 FMC the departure airport is shown but after that all the waypoints are yellow flashing NO LINK. I tried some more files and they are the same. The FMC only accept plans loaded from the scratchpad . pve
  4. pve

    Cosford 2016

    Thinking of flying up this year from EGLD if anyone's interested and will share some costs I can take 3 please PM me. pve
  5. Thanks Bill I got all that installed but no traffic showing. Is there anything else I got to change or files to add. I am using the 2 gauges supplied in the original release. pve
  6. Hi all Need some help installing the above into std. FSX with Doug's modified File. There are 3 files I can see that may be involved Trafficradar.dll TrafficInfo.dll Traffic.dll. Which files are used and where do they go. If files go in the Modules folder do they have to be declared in the DLL.xml. Thanks pve.
  7. Nick I use for right turns in holding entry logic (gives smooth turns to desired headings over 180 from inbound track) All turns right have increasing numbers and left decreasing. (L:SetHoldTrack, degrees) 90 + d360 (>L:HoldTrack, degrees) } (L:HoldTrack, degrees) (A:GPS GROUND MAGNETIC TRACK,degrees) 30 + - abs 5 < if{ (L:SetHoldTrack, degrees) 180 + d360 (>L:HoldTrack, degrees) } Code starts turn to 90 deg. right then is interecepted after turning 30 deg to continue the turn past 180. SetHoldTrack is the hold inbound track to reverse 180 SetHoldTrack value to your heading K var. And left turns are (L:SetHoldTrack, degrees) 90 - d360 (>L:HoldTrack, degrees) } (L:HoldTrack, degrees) (A:GPS GROUND MAGNETIC TRACK,degrees) 30 - - abs 5 < if{ (L:SetHoldTrack, degrees) 180 + d360 (>L:HoldTrack, degrees) }
  8. Howdy Roman That sure looks prudy! But I was trying for 2 coded color values. ie. = {clr2} = {clr3} In the same formatted element. Paul
  9. Hi all This works OK with other single Color Value entries in formatted text But put in two with code and the second one is dead. Has anyone got more than one to work.
  10. Bill Not possible OK, but while digging around found the missing Squares for Boeing FMC. with Quartz fnt looks good.
  11. Hi all Is it possible to show a full stop/decimal point in the FS9/FSX GPS ICAO search display. I can only get the basic numbers & letters.
  12. I had similar load & crash problems, Removed 2 files from Autogen folder Kowloon_east & Kowloon_west. Working OK now with VHHH installed.
  13. Hello You can include 2 sets of different information in one page :- %(10 s2 0 != )%{if}%(0 sp1)%{loop}%(l1 (>@c:NearestVorCurrentLine) l1 (>@c:NearestNdbCurrentLine))%((@c:NearestVorCurrentIdent))%!s!t%((@c:NearestVorCurrentFrequency, MHz) 100 * near d 100 div)%!03d!.{fnt1}%(100 %)%!02d!t%((@c:NearestNdbCurrentIdent))%!s!t%((@c:NearestNdbCurrentFrequency, KHz) 10 * near d 10 div)%!03d!.%(10 %)%!01d!%(l1 ++ s1 l2 < d)%{if}n%{end}%{next}%{end} But I never got what you need to work.
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