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  1. No, I didn't know that. But, I would still like to get this repaint for the 1900, if possible.
  2. Could someone try a Northwest Airlink fictional livery? They had the Saab 340,, but not he 1900. However, my VA has authorized us to use this great aircraft in place of the Saab 340, especially since there isn't a payware one available for FSX. I have attached this link for the old Saab 340 livery. http://www.airliners.net/photo/Northwest-Airlink-(Mesaba/Saab-340B-Plus/2297044/&sid=54743acc689f61a8ab91e48aed37be4d
  3. Has anyone done a panel.cfg file for the Grand Caravan for FSX with the ISG gauges?
  4. Hi Jim. I too have the door issue. Could you send the files to me too? Thanks in advance!
  5. Would anyone be willing to repaint the Wilco CRJ-200 in the Midwest Connect livery? I would really appreciate it. We need it for our Midwest VA fleet. Here is a pic of what it looks like in real life:Thanks for any help you can give. My email is ggoodavish@new.rr.com if you want to contact me with your willingness to do the product. I would make sure you are acknowledged on our VA Web page. Thanks!Greg GoodavishMidwest VA
  6. Thanks for the reply, Rob. I certainly don't have anything against the Airbus Pro family. Like you say, the turns are a little fierce, but I can live with that. At least the MCDU adjusts the TOD when you make changes to the FP, unlike another manufacturer. And the PSS support is great. Guess I will be getting the PSS models. Thanks, Rob.
  7. I have the Airbus Pro series for the A319/320/321. They are nice aircraft, but obviously FS2002 modified for FS2004. Everything works well, but the transition from waypoint to waypoint is a little abrupt, and the graphics, etc. are a little dated. I am contemplating purchasing the Pss A330/340 series. Was just wondering if they are the same (same type of performance as the Airbus Pro series and graphics), or if they are a little more advanced and smoother. Can anyone let me know? Thanks.
  8. I just did the same flight with the Wilco CRJ, and got the same CTD by ELMAA. It is not the PSS products doing this. Will investigate elsewhere. Thanks for the input, guys.
  9. I flew several flights with the PSS 757 over the weekend, with no problem. It seems the only problem I have is around KSEA for some reason. It must somehow be related to FlyTampa KSEA scenery, but no idea what it is, as the CTD doesn't occur until ELMAA, which is at least 20-30 mi from KSEA. Guess I will just avoid that airport with this bird. Anyone else that has FlyTampa KSEA able to fly this bird there, especially around the intersection ELMAA?
  10. Hmmmm, there goes my theory. Don't know what else can be causing it, as my computer performance is fine while using it, even approaching ELMAA.
  11. >Interesting theory, Greg. I have long ago given up on the>PSS757 as unusable due to the memory problems (and the>"upcoming" v1.3 patch) and do recall that I upgraded the>NavData with the stuff from Navigraph too.>>A few things I observed, however:>>Crashing (OOM) for me seemed to depend more on flight length>than navigation. I could make it to St. Louis from SEA but>not further on to DFW. My attempts at SEA-DTW also failed. I>did, however, manage to complete the SEA-DTW flight in the>older PSS A320 with no problems. To the best of my knowledge,>all PSS products (even the older Airbus ones) use the same>Navdata files. Can PSS confirm this?>>Have you tried flying a flight of similar length to SEA-SFO>but in a different direction? Maybe SEA-DEN or SEA-YEG or>something. That would try to address whether or not it is a>navdata issue specific to the ELMAA wpt?>>P.S.- does your sim crash exactly at the same point every>time, or just when in the general vicinity of ELMAA? I have>noticed that whenever I had OOM- it was not ever at a specific>point, but instead it was always around a general area. >Disabling all scenery in this area did not seem to help,>either.>>RuahrcRuahrc,It crashes in the general vicinity of ELMAA, not at the same point every time. Generally within 10-20 mi of ELMAA, mostly before, but once after I passed ELMAA.
  12. OK, did some further testing to test my theory. If it truly is a Navdata problem with the PSS data, the same result should happen with other PSS products flying that same route, right? I flew (tried) from KSEA to KSFO with the same route listed in my previous post, with the PSS 777. Same result. When I got near to ELMAA, a CTD. Seems my theory might be correct. Any chance PSS can work with NavData to look into this? Thanks.
  13. I am more convinced it is an AIRAC problem now. I flew the 757 from KSAN to KSFO tonight, both FlyTampa airports, with no problem. I noticed that the info for KSFO was wrong, showing the wrong frequency for my landing rwy of 28R. I had to manually enter the correct one, as the one listed in the CPU was wrong. I am strongly suspecting that in my flight above, something is wrong with the ELMAA intersection that is causing the CTD. Can someone fly the route I listed above and see if they get the same thing? Providing you have NavData AIRAC 7-05 and FlyTampa KSEA, so we are comparing apples to apples. I don't think it is the FlyTampa scenery, or their other two would cause similar problems, and they are not. Also, ELMAA is a distance from KSEA, so the airports impact should be minimized by then.
  14. OK, I tried to fly the KSEA to KSFO flight again, with the route stated above, with the task manager on. My PF usage remained constant at 936-980 MB. My CPU usage was at 50-54%, with a few spikes to 60-70, but then immediately back down to 53%. When I got near to ELMAA again, another CTD. It showed a spike in CPU usage to about 60%, but nothing extraordinary, and higher ones earlier had not caused the CTD. I then flew a flight from KORD to KATL, with default airports. No problem the whole way. I am beginning to wonder if it is an AIRAC problem. I am using NavData Airac 7-05 for PSS. Could someone else that has the FlyTampa KSEA airport and NavData Airac 7-05 fly the exact route I did, off rwy 34R, then direct ELMAA and let me know if they get a CTD? I know that AIRAC problems with the LAGO Maddog MD82 can cause a CTD. I am wondering if that is what is happening here.
  15. I, too, have started having CTD with this aircraft. I had flown about four flights with it with no problem. I tried flying from KSEA to KSFO this weekend, and CTD in flight. Tried it three more times, with same result. Here is what I have:Dell XPS 1.86 GHZ dual core processor (essentially 3.2 GHZ combined)2 GB of RAMNVIDIA GeForce 7950 GX2 video cards (dual 2GHZ, giving total of 4GHZ)FlyTampa KSEA sceneryTook off from rwy 34R, flew SEA ELMAA J589 RBG.GOLDN4 route. It always CTD when I either approach or are leaving the ELMAA intersection.I have done everything mentioned in the top post of how to configure your computer, and everything is up to specs.I think there is definitely some type of memory leak, as it is happening repeatedly. I even diabled my ActiveSky weather, and same result. With my computer, it should easily be able to handle this, but cannot. I have no other addon scenery in that area. HELP!!! I really love this aircraft, and want to continue to fly it, but cannot because of this problem.
  16. I just sent them an email and I will let you know what I found out. I doubt Airway J146 was decommissioned. That is a very prominent one. The waypoints worked fine, by the way, when I input them individually. So those were in the database. By the way, the 777 is a real pleasure to fly since the service packs. Thanks for your great work!
  17. I just downloaded Airac 7-05 from NavData and loaded it in the PSS NavData file. I flew a flight tonight from KLAX to KDEN with the B777 from PSS. When entering the fligtplan in the FMC (LOOP4.DAG J146 HBU.POWDR6), when I tried to enter the airway J146, I got a message saying not in database. I know how to program the FMC (done it hundreds of times), and I have even flown this route before with this aircraft with no problems. I think the info from NavData might not have this airway (haven't tested others). Has anyone else had this problem, or can check it out for me? I don't know how to check the actual NavData files to see what is missing. THanks. My email is ggoodavish@new.rr.com, if you want to contact me privately.
  18. I am able to start up this aircraft with the checklist with no problem in warm weather. I have discovered, though, that in cold weather (-10 C or lower), the engines won't start using normal procedures. I even tried going to an airport, having the temp above 0 deg C and started an engine with no problem. Then I changed weather to -10 deg C. I could not start the other engine. What should I do in cold weather?
  19. I recently bought a new computer and used PS Mover to transfer all my files from my old computer to my new. For the most part, it worked well, and I was able to get all of my other payware aircraft to work. However, the PMDG 737 and 747 were giving me problems. I went to Control Panel to delete both of them, and only the 747 was in the list. So I tried to delete it from ControlPanel/Add/Remove programs. I got a message that says "The installed version of the application could not be determined. The application will now close" No matter what I tried, I could not get rid of the PMDG 747 in that manner. I then manually deleted all of the PMDG 737's, the 747's and the main PMDG file in FS9. I also deleted the PMDG .dll file in the modules folder in FS9. Then I reinstalled the 737's, starting with the 600/700 series and finishing up with the 800/900 series. Now both of them work fine. I then used my saved installation.exe file for the PMDG 747 and 747F. The wizard would start to open, and then I got the exact same message (above) that I had gotten when trying to delete it from the Control Panel. I don't know what to do now to get my 747's working again.Everything else is working well now on my new computer. I emailed PMDG to see if they could help, but I was wondering if anyone else here had the same problem and what they did to fix it. Thanks.
  20. I am in the process of making a purchase decision on the PSS B777 or another payware aircraft. I am somewhat of a realism freak, and like almost all systems modeled, within FS limitations, of course. Does this aircraft do that? I have the PSS Airbus Pro, and many of the systems on the overhead panel are not modeled and do not have a clickspot. Is this aircraft better in that regard? Also, has the patch fixed all of the reported problems? Thanks for any input you can give me to help with my decision. Thanks.
  21. Thanks, Norman. My computer is a Pentium 4, 2.66 GHZ, with 512 RAM and a 64Mhz video card. I run PMDG 737/747, LDS 767, Flight1 ATR72, PIC ERJ145 with no problems. Will I be able to use this aircraft with this computer, or doesn't it have enough OOOMPH! Thanks.
  22. Disregard.. found the answer in your FAQ section. It is an IE issue, which I fixed. Thanks.
  23. For about the past couple of weeks, I am unable to download ANYTHING from AVSIM. When I click on the download button, it begins a download, and actually brings up the file window showing the files. However, when I try to unzip it into my MY DOWNLOADS folder, I get a message saying the file is invalid or corrupt. I never had any problems before, and I haven't changed anything on my computer. HELP!
  24. Thanks for the replies, guys. Actually, my LDS 767 is EXTREMELY smooth. So if the 747 does the same, I will be pleased as punch!
  25. Did anyone have the entire manual printed, and is so , what was the approximate cost? I know it will vary by printer, but am just trying to get a ballpark figure. Thanks.
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