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  1. Yes, I tried but it didn't work. A full uninstall was required.
  2. Problem solved: I had to fully uninstall FSLabs, the whole 1.7 GB. So far, impressed with the gain in performance.
  3. I have the same problem. I don't have Latin VFR KFLL installed at all. The process runs in the background but in fact the program crashes at the end of the startup. Nothing in the event viewer.
  4. Thanks for your replies. Yes, I tried working in chunks but I have been unsuccessful in pinpointing the services or processes or combinations thereof I need to keep. I’ll definitely try the Black Viper solution. When in non boosted mode, I am getting about 12-13 fps. As soon as I kill unnecessary processes and services, I get between 35 and 45 fps. Thanks again!
  5. Hello fellow simmers. First of all, apologies if this issue has been covered elsewhere. I have performed a search and have not found the answer. So here goes: I am running a Windows 10 Home edition, on an I7 8700K 32 GB RAM rig. Since installing P3D v.5, and as I have a graphics card with "only" 6GB (Nvidia GTX 1060), at some point I launched the ASUS gaming booster tool and stopped all non-essential Windows services and processes (about 50 in all). To my surprise, I am getting reasonably high framerates (39/40 fps) at a busy airport such as KLAX, with a complex aircraft (Leonardo's MD83 or PMDG's NGXu), with Active Sky and Ultimate Traffic Live loaded as well. Outside the airport area, frame rates will climb up into the fifties. So it is almost perfect, without having do dish out a few hundred Euros for a new graphic card. However, one feature (there might be others, but I haven't detected them) is no longer working: night lighting of the runways at some airports (most noticeably EBBR). I launch P3D5 without the system boost, and the runway lights are on. I then launch the booster facility and all night lighting works except for the runway lights. As for the rest, the system is stable, within the known quirks of P3D5, which may CTD because of access violations, etc. Does anyone know which services must stay on for the lighting issue to be solved? Hunting and pecking is not an option, as indeed I can deactivate each service separately, but each time I have to launch the booster and then try again and again. Given the number of possible permutations for 50+ services and processes, it is an impossible task to complete in a lifetime. Cheers, Giorgio Porzio
  6. Dear John and Doug, Thank you for the countless hours of pleasure you have provided through the successive iterations of your program. Whereas I can't help feeling frustrated by knowing RC5 will never be, I think I understand why, and I respect that. I truly hope you will continue finding happiness in what you do and success in your future endeavours.
  7. Hi everybody.Has anyone had this problem?As soon as I launch RC4 I get this:Failed to load control
  8. This topic has been moved by the moderator of this forum. It can be found at:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...0&topic_id=1270
  9. Hi,Yes, I've been using RC 3.1 with no problems, EXCEPT one must be careful not to use VNAV, as it may conflict with ATC instructions and... you'll get an earful from the FAA agent upon arrival!Happy flying!
  10. Thanks Bryan and Co.,It's now working. I uninstalled all of FS9, re-installed everything again, installed FSUPC 3.4 and, hey presto!Thanks for the assistance. Now, er... I have a flight to fly! ;-))Giorgio
  11. Thanks Bryan and Co.,It's now working. I uninstalled all of FS9, re-installed everything again, installed FSUPC 3.4 and, hey presto!Thanks for the assistance. Now, er... I have a flight to fly! ;-))Giorgio
  12. Hi,I've probably missed something in the forum or manuals, but here's the situation:I have installed FS2Crew as described in the manual (I'm using FS9, with its own service pack, plus PMDG 1.3 and the 800/900 737's). I start with the Cessna, etc. and then load the 737, which is cold and dark.All the appropriate menus and submenus from FS2Crew appear and all sounds work properly, but many switches which, according to the manual, I should be using (not the FO), are NOT operational. For instance, I cannot switch on the battery, cannot start the APU, the CRTs stay dismally off, etc. The FA, FO and all other sounds are there, I can interact with them, but not with the plane itself.What am I doing wrong?Pentium IV - 3 GHZ HT, ASUS P2P800 Motherboard, Nvidia Gforce 5200, 1GB RAM, Windows XP HE with SP2 installed.Any help will be appreciated, as I have been enjoying the PMDG 737s for quite some time, in combination with RC.Regards,Giorgio
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