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  1. Can anyone tell me which FS9 installation disc contains the Baron 58? Rgds Steve H
  2. Due to computer crash I've had to reinstall FS9. I started will a clean slate and all went well. However, having updated to 9.1 standard I find that the NoCD patch will not install.. I get an error message saying that 3 dll's cannot be found and that's the end of that. The patch is a 9.1 NoCD patch. I really am at my witts end with this one.I thought I had seen everything that FS9 could throw at you but this one has goe me beat!!!! All the DLLs that are supposed to be missing are all present in the main FS9 folder. I am running Windows 10. Any clues would be much appreciated. Rgds Steve H
  3. diego thanks for that,but i'm none the wiser. Where do I put FS time sync? Rgds Steve H
  4. I have downloaded FS time Sync. How do I install it ? Where does it go? There are no installation instructions in the Read Me. Rgds Steve H
  5. I have nearly finished installing FS9 into Windows 10. It has all gone rather well, however, I still have a few problems. Fs Navigator is not quite right but i'm working on it. Another problem is the time zones. UK show US tjme and visa versa. I can't quite work it out. So has anybody got any idea of how to put it rjght, It's not a serious problem, just annoying. I put my PMDG 747 and MD11 downloads onto a disc.but even though I have all the correct passwords etc they will not validate. I just get an error message with access denied. Always been OK in the passed so I'm a bit baffled. FS Build is OK so is Active Sky Evolution. My new video card is OK (nvidea RTX 2070) I have used Nvidea inspector to fine tune things it's still not quite right but again it's a work in progress. Comments and tips would be most welcome. RGDS Steve H PS The IFly 737 works a real treat.
  6. Hi All Thank you very much. I've got it. RGDS Steve H
  7. Dear all Where does Windows 10 hide the FS 9 CFG File? RGDS Steve H
  8. I am about to install Windows 10 into my computer. Any tips on how to reinstall FS9 would be most welcome. Rgds Steve H
  9. With the demise of windows 7 about to happen I am now looking at moving to windows 10. At the same timeI thought I might upgrade my video card. However, I am not an expert at these things so i'm looking for a bit of advice. I only want to run FS9 but I have been looking at P3d. My specs are an Intel i5 4760K CPU at 3.40 GHz 8GB of RAM and a GTX760 Video card. I was toying with idea of a GTX 1070 but I really don't know enough about these things so any advice would be most welcome. I'm not to sure about W10 but I will just have tho bit the bullet and get on with it Rgds Steve H
  10. Which Folder or Scenery File contains the FS 2004 Airports.
  11. Hi ThereI've had the same problem, anywhere within a 60 mile radius of KSFO I got a CTD and the usual message. I tracked the cause down to the KOAK addon scenery by MIG. Within the scenery file lurked two AFCADS, a reinstall with the proper AFCAD solved the problem. I suspect it was my fault, I tend to download the latest AFCADs without paying too much attention to detail. By the way SCAN AFCAD did not detect this duplication.RegardsSteve HLincoln
  12. Hi SamyThanks very much mate that will do a treat.Kind RgdsSteve
  13. Greetings from LincolnHas anybody got a recent BAW Plan for WSSS to EGLLMany Thanks Steve H Lincoln UK
  14. IainThanks very much for the plans. I flew back from Jersey last Mondaywe ended up going over the Cherbourg Peninsular before turning left, presumably to pick up the ORTAC waypoint. Anyway thanks again.RgdsSteve H
  15. HiHas anybody got the Thomson flight plans for Doncaster(EGCN) to Jersey(EGJJ) and return.Thanks very muchSteve H
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