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  1. DarkCharizma

    Interest in RTW2018

    I'm afraid participating in the race will be difficult for me this year. I'll be out of town on Saturday, at least. Likely Friday and most of Sunday as well, so that's pretty much the whole race I hope I'm able to hop in and chat for a bit, at least, but it doesn't look like I'll be able to provide much more help than that.
  2. Wingman down safe at MGGT FlightLog_14-08-01.TXT
  3. Flying as wingman MRLB to MGGT in the ABC F8F Bearcat
  4. Baton is free at SPCL FlightLog_09-56-19.TXT
  5. I have the baton SLLP to SPCL in the Lionheart Epic LT
  6. Helicopter legs summary: KPVD - KFOK 75.7 nm SNGM - SBSL 37.1 nm Total: 112.8 nm That completes our rotorcraft requirement.
  7. Baton is free at SBSL FlightLog_20-11-13.TXT
  8. I have the baton SNGM to SBSL in the Virtavia Ka50, for our final helicopter leg
  9. Wingman down safe at MUGM FlightLog_14-45-15.TXT
  10. Wingman KRDU to MUGM in the PMDG 737
  11. Baton is free at KFOK FlightLog_11-15-10.TXT
  12. I have the baton KPVD to KFOK in the Virtavia Ka50 helicopter edit: fix destination
  13. Lead pilot crashed, aircraft overstress. Transfer to wingman FlightLog_09-28-06.TXT
  14. I have the baton CYGL - CYQM in the A2A AF P-51H
  15. DarkCharizma

    2017 RTWR Weather Declarations

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