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  1. OK, thanks, Stew. I'll try again (if I can find the right place!0 Jock
  2. I had FSX boxed and FTX Steam installed on my SSD drive. I have deleted the boxed version to make room. In any case, I already had the boxed version installed on my hard drive. Now, when I open FTX Central, it shows only three areas, each containing none of my installed items: Europe (showing Manchester City Airport and heliport), North America (showing four items I have never had), Oceania (showing Broome International Airport). I had Global, Land Class , Vector, Europe (with several airports), North America (ditto), Oceania (again ditto), etc. Now, I can't do anything with FTX Central. I have downloaded and reinstalled it, but with the same result. I have run FS Registry repair, so the location of the sims is registered correctly. What do I do to correct this,please? Jock
  3. As I said, I have the Libraries up to date and installed. Thank you all for your replies. I'll have to try the ORBX customer support. Jock
  4. My bought ORBX airports have no buildings or people or AI aircraft. They just show up as wasteland. I have FTX Global, Open Landclass Europe, Vector and up-to-date Libraries all installed as verified by FTX Central. I also have Shoreham, Southampton and Elstree installed. I have reinstalled all of these several times, but with no success. What is wrong, please? Jock Wilkinson
  5. I don't know where it has come from, but I've got an enormous aircraft carrier slewed across the 34 runway at Seattle. I'd rather not have it there, so if anyone can help me remove it (it's a bit too heavy for me to shift it on my own) I shall be very grateful.Jock
  6. I've just removed the gauge from the panels I had it installed in. I know it is supposed to work in FS2000, FS2002 and FS2004 . . . but I wonder!! Shame, isn't it.Jock
  7. I too am having no luck at all with this gauge. I have everything installed in the right places, with the exception of what Bob calls RwyInfoGauge program. I'm not at all sure what you mean by that. I have a feeling that I got this programme to work with FS2000, but it just doesn't seem to like my FS9. Further help would be much appreciated, please.Jock.
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