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  1. Hi Guys. I am wondering if anyone kept a copy of Asrux Gtopo30 converter. a little program that transformed .Dem files to .Ras files I am not having any luck with bin2ras for reasons I cannot fully understand and I want to be able to produce a good working copy of a .ras for the area I am working on. To see if I can understand where I am going wrong. Thanks Dan
  2. 'lo m8:The BAe-146 is a british made, short range, 4 engine jet. no bad little gadget, I see them fly past my garden on their way to london city airport, (easy to recognize those 4 engines sticking out), I kinda envy those pilots, coz i know it must be seriously hard to perform the 5.5 glide landing require there, (i still struggle with it on the sim, and that's just on the cessna).Air france, british airways, Euromanx, swiss international, virgin, lufthansa, loganair and air lingus all fly a version of the plane just at london city (popular jet, huh?), not sure if the americans also have a taste for it.tx for the kind word on the calendar, I wish we had a website just for shots, kinda opens the apetite for extra flying adventure...Rixk (dan)
  3. Computer Pilot Magazine has an online feature depicting shots of MSFS in the form of a monthly calendar wallpaper, the idea occured to me, that at least for a wee while we could post one monthly wallpaper too (with fly! shots of course) perhaps a different author every time, showing our fav spots or else just testing our artistic side.with that short thought left on, I bring u my first try at it, maybe it catches on, or maybe it doesnt, but it will certainly add novelty to the cause ;)PS: Should u want the original 1024 x 768 jpg, drop me a line at DarkDr3am@operamail.com, the file is too large to be posted here.Dan
  4. Hi Chris:I think it could only be done, if someone writes a program that allows the import of .skp files (gogles sketchup) in to fly! 2. at present time the fly! 2 editor only allows .S3d filesDan
  5. Hi Steve:nice pics!I have tried to send you an e-mail, but it was returned as non existence, it was the old freeserve account, any chance you can contact me at darkdr3am@operamail.com? its mighty importantthanks dan
  6. 'lo M8s:I dont work on Macs, but seeing fellow pilots having difficulty bears weight on my soul, so I did a bit of surfing and I found this:to buy fly! II on Mac....http://www.webcommunitysoftware.com/online...t_Code=WCS33952or here too...http://www.shop.com/op/~Fly!_II_(Mac)-prod...38?sourceid=298pricewise looks a bit dear, but if u divide it by the years of enjoyment u get out of it, then it works out cheaper than marriage, university degree and 3 kids (+ a lifetime of beer) ;)Dan
  7. 'lo m8:I have the original gtopo30.zip from Ausrux software saved in my pc, its only 103Kb in size, so it would fly smoothly on email.just type me a word or two to DarkDr3am@operamail.com so i can send u back the file.Dan
  8. heya m8:your website URL is wrongly spelled in the profile section, I believe it has one extra "H" ;)Cool bridge by the wayDan
  9. 'lo m8since you already own an original copy, then it could no bet considered illegal for me to send you the damaged file, which you then can copy into another CD.please let me know if this arrengement works best for you.I have an european version which is already patched from setup (on the CD) to update 197 and video update 2Daniel
  10. 'lo m8best place so far is amazon.com, or in this case amazon.co.ukI bought my copy therecheck this link outhttp://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B...2412727-2137243happy flyingDaniel
  11. PC Pilot appears to be a microsoft products review mainly (some x-plane pops up these days), I suppose for them it makes sense, since they advertise related commercial add ons and no one sell Fly! II add ons. Also we seem to be a flight sim minority in respect to the FS line, so for the benefit of the many, the few are left aside.Its not only PC Pilot who does it, Im a suscriber to Computer Pilot and it has been a few years now since they made any mention of any fly! related downloads too. I wonder if they were to recive a few letters from discontent readers may change in some way that position?worth a try...Dan
  12. Have you downloaded the dem files needed to dem files to be converted into ras?if not then this is the place to starthttp://edcdaac.usgs.gov:80/gtopo30/gtopo30.aspnext you need to convert the files downloaded to the specific ras used by Fly!/Fly!2 using demfile viewer, downloadable from here:http://www.asrux.com/fly/that page also contains some useful tips on how to work with scenery.good luckDan
  13. Fly! remains an excellent flight sim, despite its age, not only able to run on a 200mhz machine and 16 mb graphics card at basic level with out the frame rate suffering a great deal, but also it has a much more advanced ATC (a great catch for many) than the nearest choice, fs98, and not to mention the price, i bought it back in 2001 for the less than the price of a big mac meal, so yes probably ppl flying in countries where computers of low performance are still of use are getting access to it, or else there are a lot of old ladies in the developed countries that just discovered how to use their pc to fly ;)Daniel Arias (lord Rixk)by the way i do post here in the forum, not just that often
  14. Great stuff!I think you guys have the right approach to the future development of fly!, I mean there isnt a good reason why a second forum should not be opened, not meaning in any way to abandon avsim at all (as its more likely to get new members through here due to its size), but a beta testing server to try new models would be very helpful, as often one does not publish works because of the ongoing need to refine the product b4 hitting the freeware shelf, but if you have more than one project running at once, beta testing can be very consuming. and help at it is always welcome.also would be wise to have a definitive link page to every developers webpage and other resources, for anyone who has had to try this as a newbbie, its hard to go googling around to find works and ideas(old and new), and even extra resources (i.e. already designed 3d models from other parties like non fly-sim related for use as enviroment additions -human figures - trees - ground vehicles and the likes-)I hope more support for the idea is given and it takes off.if you require my help with anything, please do not hesitate to askDan
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