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  1. >Here is an FSX replacement for the radalt.gau, it is only for>FSX and is an FSX XML compliant gauge. I coded it myself this>evening.>>http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/181853.zip>>Bob...>Thank you so much, this is fantastic! The analogue radalt gauges are too hard to read for my old eyes, your gauge is ideal. I've installed it in my C-206 and it's perfect, thank you!!! George "Alky
  2. I've been waiting ever since FSX came out to see if anyone could modify/redo the digital radalt gauge to make it compatible with FSX.I haven't a clue about creating gauges so I wait. Could someone please make one and upload it to AVSIM?(see attachment) Thanx!! :)
  3. Thanx Mark, I posted here first and then realised there isn't all that much traffic here, so I went for the DCA forum, sorry to trouble you with answering posts when you could be working on the patch... just kidding!! Thank you for all that the crew does for us :)George "Alky
  4. Is the MAAM DC-3 FSX ready, if so what do I need to know to install it there? George "Alky
  5. For anyone that's interested, I've finished the CP Air repaint of the DC-3 Passenger plane. I've uploaded it to AVSIM and when they make it available you can search for it with the following...Filename: MAAM_CPAir.zipName: Canadian Pacific Airways (CP Air) MAAM-SIM DC-3http://members.shaw.ca/alky/cp-air.jpgGeorge "Alky
  6. >Actually, there was one DC3 with the red/org stripes for CP>Air. I only have a couple pics of it......but they are black>and white ones :(>>BruceIf you could email them to me, that would be great, at least I'd see the proper layout instead of making do from a modern day jet :)Thanx alky(at)shaw.ca replace the (at)George "Alky
  7. >George, have you dug up any good colour pics of the>orange/red livery? There's a fellow over at Trev Morson's>forum asking ....>>http://www.douglasdc3.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=291>>Mark>>Mark "Dark Moment" Beaumont>VP Fleet, DC-3 Airways>Team Member, MAAM-SIMI've never found a pic of a red/orange scheme on a real life DC-3. The link in your post is the first. My paint on the first page of this thread was an aproximation made from modern day CP jets. I've searched CP pages for any examples of historical DC-3's with that scheme but found only the white top version with the red horizontal stripes. I could be wrong, but I don't think there were any official CP Air red/orange schemes on a DC-3 (?)George "Alky
  8. >Hi George.....just wonderring how you are making out with the>CP Air repaints? :)>>BruceSorry Bruce, I had a computer meltdown and lost all of my recent projects. I've got everything re-installed and up and running but haven't started to "re-do" those projects. Every time I think I should the ambition drains away LOL. I will get to it eventually. I'd like to do the orange version as well as the vintage red striped version. Maybe it could be a package (?)Thanx for the interest, it helps to stir up the juices LOL.George "Alky
  9. I had to do a restore on my computer and now when I try to add fixed windows to a panel FS Panel Studio refuses to cooperate. I have the fixed window files in the same folder as the panel and when clicking on the arrow as in forward left, and then clicking on change, I can choose the bmp and click open but the image doesn't appear even though the path is there :(I'm wondering if there's a setting in the options of FS Panel that I have wrong because otherwise it seems to work as before and I had no trouble before re-installing the program (?)Thanx.
  10. I believe if one of the panels in a particular model appeals to you then backing up the original folder and "copying" the preferred panel's folder to the aircraft of choice would work, as long as the models are similar. You wouldn't use an amphibian panel on a cargo ship, but, you probably could. I've swapped panel folders from plane to plane without any real unacceptable issues. A beechcraft panel in a Cessna may be wrong... but it works :)>I thought that just changing the panel.cfg files>might do the job, but it doesn't, so I guess my simple-minded>approach is not on. Is there anything WE can do or does it>depend upon more extensive programming on your part, which of>course you may not be ready to do at this stage? George "Alky
  11. >The CP Air Orange/Red/Silver is exactly what I was looking>for. Can I get the repaint on Avsim???>>BruceI don't know that it's worthy of AVSIM or anyone but myself for that matter LOL. Like I said I just slapped it together, grand total of about an hour invested :)I'll go have a detailed look at it and see if I can ensure it's of MAAM quality first before I give it to anyone :) George "Alky
  12. I slapped this one together but I'm working on the original scheme which was a white top with red stripes and the Canadian Pacific in a thick black script which was actually used by CP Air on DC-3'sGeorge "Alky
  13. >Good luck, in any case. Let us know whether you resolve the>issue.>>Mark>>Mark "Dark Moment" Beaumont>VP Fleet, DC-3 Airways>Team Member, MAAM-SIMThanks for your patience and help. It would seem that it was a hardware issue. I was attempting to "try" a quick look at a repainted texture from the paint kit after having been using my computer all day for all sorts of things. I think maybe the video card or memory or something was "clogged up", I'm not a techie :)But after trying it again early in the day after a recent reboot, I suddenly had no problem... strange. Anyway, yup, nothing unusual about the MAAM paint kit, I simply merge my layered paint and save it with DXTbmp to the texture folder in FS9.Again, thanks for your patience with a frustrated painter :)George "Alky
  14. >No special techniques used for the MAAM paints >The templates offered in the paintkit are 24-bit files .. they>will not show in FS unless they are saved as extended textures>using a program such as DXTBmp.>Mark>You missed the second line of my post. I'm familiar with DXTbmp and have done several FS9 repaints as well as being the author of a layered paintkit for PSP/PS available on AVSIM.I've read your readme, thanx, I'll take another stab at it :)George "Alky
  15. It must be something I'm doing wrong because I see no other complaints in previous posts on the matter.Just so you know, I'm familiar with DXTBMP, PaintShop Pro and the techniques used in repainting. I've done a few aircraft repaints and for about 5 years did paints for online Nascar racing with PaintShop Pro.I used the paintkit and started with the "fuse 1 bare metal clean. bmp", painted a bit of stuff on it and then after copying the entire UAL folder and renaming it, replaced the bm_fuse_1_t.bmp with mine. The result was that gray blank texture in the game. I tried using the texture as a dxt3, as just a plain bmp, played with the alphas, checked sizes and tried just using it to replace the bm_fuse_1_t.bmp in other MAAM paint schemes. The results 100% of the time were the blank gray texture on that part of the aircraft in the game :(Is there some special way of applying textures to the MAAM DC-3?George "Alky
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